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The Detangled Hair Brush


★ For all hair types

★ The ultimate grooming tool

★ Revolutionary detangling brush

★ Cuts the detangling time in half

★ Suited for kids

★ Ergonomically designed

detangling hair brush curly hair

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The Brush that stylists recommend

Hair gets tangled. We’ve all been there. And sometimes it can get so tangled that all you want to do is cry. Just thinking about working through those impossible snarls is enough to make you think about a major haircut. It’s very annoying to end up with hair knots clogging the drain. And, depending on your heir style and hair type, the detangling process can feel like an extended time in hell.

But enough negativity here. The good news is that you don’t need to invest a fair portion of your salary into getting a dozen of tools to get the job done. In fact, just one simple, but genius brush is all you need.type 2a to 4c detangled hair brush

The Detangled hair Brush can detangle hair types 3A to 4C without major problems. Just apply your favorite conditioner and glide through your hair to get it detangled easily. And if you have hair types 1 or 2, you’ll have no problems at all with this genius brush.

Flawless detangling makes you love your natural curls again. Cut the time you needed to detangle your hair in half with the Detangled Hair Brush. There’s no need to defer your next hair washing session just because detangling takes forever. Simply use our new brush and live a knot-free life within minutes.

The Detangled Hair Brush is perfectly suited for kids as well. We all know that kids hate getting their hair brushed. And if they even feel a little pain, you’re in trouble. Thanks to this little helper, these days are gone. No tears on wash days and half of the time for detangling their hair, without any pain at all.

Did I already mention that the Detangled Hair Brush will save you money? Well, taking much better care of your hair yourself, you can skip the next hair salon session and just go through the routine yourself. That way the Detangled Hair Brush pays for itself from the very first use.

How to use

Start with wetting your hair and apply your favorite conditioner to moisturise your curls. If you have at least a type 4 type of hair, this process is absolutely needed and recommended. After you’ve done the first step simply start to detangle your hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. Just glide through the curls. For extremely detangled hair hold the brush vertically to get rid of even the toughest knots. Then brush horizontally and detangle your hair as normal.


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