Feet First – 12 Steps To Foot Pain Relief


  • All Kinds of Foot Pain Explained
  • Gives Valuable Tipps And Treatments
  • Downloadable Ebook
  • Helps Understand Your Symptoms Better
  • Get Rid Of Foot Pain Faster
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Foot pain has all kinds of causes and symptoms. This ebook explains nearly all of them and gives valuable tipps, shows helpful exercises and explains treatments for all of them.

Beginning with baby’s first steps we show how learning to walk looks naturally and how this natural behaviour develops over time.

There is a proper way to walk, but most of us have unlearnt this skill. No wonder that 80% of the people around the world suffer from one of the many types of foot pain at one point in their lives.

This ebook covers all aspects of proper footwear and gives valuable insights about what to do if you show specific symptoms. We show all possible treatments and explain all typical sorts of foot pain, from arthritis to plantar fasciitis. From Hammertoes to burning feet. And from ingrown nails to tendonitis. The ebook leaves no question unanswered about corns, calluses and diabetes as well and is your personal little helper to get rid of your foot pain fast!


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