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Health Control Massage Insoles

(21 customer reviews)

$39.99 $24.99

Only 97 left in stock at this price !

★ Improve overall health

★ Massage key pressure points

★ Relieve pain in back, neck, feet and legs

★ Help with weight loss

★ Reduce muscle fatigue

★ Enhance energy

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The Health Control Massage Insoles are designed for all people whose feet, legs, hips, backs and necks experience discomforts during long days. But unfortunately you cannot take a break whenever a proper foot massage could serve you well.

These insoles provide extra massage action with any step you take. Key pressure points are massaged which helps relieving pain, muscle fatigue and gives you the extra energy that you need.

If you think that’s all – you’re wrong. Beyond the incredible massage effect that is great for your whole body and internal organs, these insoles are built with medical magnets. Magnetic therapy is used for hundreds of years and literally “draws” diseases away from your body. So, what do you think is better, a “normal massage” or a massage with medical magnets?

A combination of the medical magnets and the massage of key pressure points under your feet results in better overall health, less pain, more energy, a better body posture and even helps with weight loss. We are amazed by the success stories that we receive every single day from customers all around the world and their amazing results.

Be the next success story!

slimming weight loss massage insoles

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Brown, White


S/M (5-8), L/XL (9-13)

Customer reviews

Based on 21 reviews
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21 reviews for Health Control Massage Insoles

Ana Rivera
They took me a couple days to used to them..They sure have lessend the pain in my hip and back.Im very Impressed.
Jacob Richardson
Started a new job that I have to stand on my feet for long periods of time. My feet and legs were aching every night. By the end of the 3rd day wearing these, my feet stopped hurting and within a week my legs stopped cramping! I love these pads!
Marissa Fagan
Only had them about week I will let you know at end of the month.
Daniel Howard
I didn't get as tired and my leg and hip pain relieved a little. Like it, and want to purchase more for my other shoes.
Torben Klausen
Very good massage
Almina Dietz
A God send...can walk and my back doesn't hurt..don't have to hunch over..
Tom Kantee
I like this product very much, they are comfortable and a nice thickness.
Health Control Massage Insoles photo review
Antoinette Dupuy
Regular shoes just can't cut it. These magnetic insoles massage my arch all the time, easy to cut according to the clear line for fitting my shoes. After using these several days, I feel much better and pain free, even better the following night.
Leonie Bosch
Excellent product and my feet felt amazing for my entire workout!
Diane Hachée
I bought 2 pairs I have lots of foot pain. This insoles reduced the pain and I am now able to control that awful pain when standing up alot.
Salvio Montoya
I love this,these do help me feel better.
Margaret Reid
I've used these and it help me tremendously.
Jayden Hughes
These really help my achy feet! My right foot swells up all the time, but with these insoles my foot doesn't swell.
Natale Zetticci
It feels a little pain when I used this insole for the first time, but it does help ease the pain of my back, neck and hip after a whole day's use. Great product, highly recommend.
Camilla Magnusson
Easy to do. Didn't take much time. But the quality and color is amazing. Very partial drill but worth it.
Thị Linh
I have worn these for one week and I am glad I purchased them. My legs have not had cramps, and my feet feel supported. You must wear socks.You have to trim them to fit your shoes. I would recommend this product.
Karina Jaworska
There extremely comfortable just received them a day ago.
Amber Short
My feet feel so much better.
Jade Grant
I bought several pairs of this insole, very comfortable and durable. I also got it for my son who does lots of training and exercise at school. He likes it as well.
Virginia Cook
I have suffered leg and hip pain for a long time,so I decided to have a try on these magnetic insoles. I have never had this type of object in my shoes before so I fele strange when used these first time, I felt they did help.
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