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Jar Bottles Zip Bags – Reusable Food Storage


✔️ High quality reusable and environmental friendly materials

✔️ Waterproof closing mechanism

✔️ Store any type of food for long-lasting freshness

✔️ Save money and throw away less food

✔️ Super cool Mason jar bottle designs

✔️ Suited for trips, school, kindergarten or work

✔️ Store food in the fridge, cabinet or on the table

✔️ Easy to use and reuse – for years to come


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Cool and environmental friendly food storage

Chances are that you have already used and thrown away hundreds or thousands of Ziploc bags in your life. Or maybe you still use some old Tupperware style food storage in your kitchen. If that’s you, it’s time to step up your game.

The brand new Jar Bottles Zip Bags store any type of food just perfectly fine. Waterproof materials and closing mechanisms keep moisture outside – for long lasting freshness.

The super high quality and easy to use and reuse food saver bags help you to save money. Throw away less food and store it in a convenient and safe way. And these bags look super cool!

Just select the set(s) you need and click “Add to Cart” to save food and money now.


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