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Multi Purpose LED Headlamp Set

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★ Suited for all activities such as walking, hiking, running, working in dark conditions, camping, fishing, exploring caves or climbing

★ Comes with a wall plug, USB charging cable, car charger and protection case

★ Super comfortable adjustable headband for maximum comfort and convenience

★ Stretch your days by a few hours handsfree

★ Built-In Lithium-Ion battery for long-lasting lighting

★ 4 different modes range from moderate light to extra-bright lighting

★ Rain-proof for outside use in bad weather conditions

★ Superior to all hand torches in the market


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The superior solution when you need extra lighting

Are you among the people who avoid going outside when it’s dark? Or have you ever wished for a smart solution to go or keep running, cycling or hiking/walking when lights get low?

The smart solution to enjoy all these activities in darker conditions is having an LED Headlamp at your hands, or on your forehead. If you’re still using a hand held torch for your lighting, you’re missing out on a wonderful tool that is of immense help and improves all tasks significantly. No matter the quality of your torch, it just cannot provide the same comfort and convenience of an LED Headlamp.

There’s no tasks that is too big or small for a head lamp to tackle. Whether working underneath your car or house, exploring caves, go camping, hiking, walking your dog, working outside or running, you certainly want and need your hands free during those tasks. And the fact that you don’t need to carry a head lamp around makes it absolutely drop-proof.

We equipped our Multi Purpose LED Headlamps with extra high quality LED bulbs. Those bulbs burn brighter than traditional ones, getting you a better sight at all times. Two independent LED sections cover all required conditions, from basic torch lighting to heavy and ultra-bright needs. The built-in switch lets you choose between two modes for each setting (4 in total), one for conditions that require some light and conditions that call for extra bright lighting. With a built-in Lithium-Ion battery, you don’t need to worry about chaining batteries. The Multi Purpose LED Headlamp Set comes with an USB charging cable, a wall plug, a car charger and an extra protective case that carries all those things conveniently.

Thanks to an adjustable headband with straps you can easily adjust the headlamp to fit your personal style and comfort. You can rotate the whole lighting unit 90 degrees to help you however you want or need it. This can’t get any better, don’t you think?

Please note that we will send you a wall plug according to your shipping address. We have US/UK/EU and AU plugs available and will choose the one that matches your region.

Just make sure to order your complete LED Headlamp Set today while it is still on sale and stretch your days handsfree by a few hours.

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