Multipurpose Sandless and Water free Mat



★ 80 x 80 inches large – 200 x 200 cm

★ Keeps sand and water away from your clothes

★ Enjoy the beach – without an sandy body

★ Extremely durable, lightweight and compact design

★ Made from a special, ingenious mesh material

★ For the beach, camping, picnics, fishing, sports events or festivals

★ The only mat or blanket you’ll ever need


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The prefect solution for the beach, camping and picnics

Going to the beach is great. It’s a touch of vacation. You enjoy the sun, ocean or sea, the warm feeling on your skin and the warm sand. Wait, the sand is great, but I hate having it on my beach mat or towel.

Don’t we all know the feeling of rubbing our skin with a sandy towel? What about lying on a towel or mat full of sand? Having sand stick everywhere on your body doesn’t feel that great, most people would agree. And when you have kids, well this problem exponentiates.

Now there’s an easy, but ingenious solution to this problem. Introducing the Multipurpose Sand- and Waterproof Mat. This 80 x 80 inch (200 x 200 cm) large mat keeps sand and water away from your skin, towel, bags and kids. The special mesh was originally created as a landing mat for helicopters. This mesh magically absorbs sand, dust, dirt and water. And if you find a little bit of sand just swipe it off with your hand and it disappears.

The material is extremely durable and ultra-lightweight. You can easily fold it and take it for any vacation or trip. That way the mat functions as a beach mat, a blanket for camping or picnics, sports events, festivals, fishing trips or other outdoor activities. And when it gets dirty, you can easily wash it. The surface dries within minutes and you’re ready to go again.

Enough said – you need to try it

Well, maybe the features of this mat don’t sound that convincing when you read them. And it is really hard to describe the functions and benefits with words. But I promise you one thing: When you’ve used this mat for a trip to the beach for the very first time, you’ll wonder how you could ever enjoy the beach without it.


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