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Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks

(97 customer reviews)

$39.99 $19.99

Only 51 left in stock at this price !
★ 7 Compression Zone Technology ® For Best Results
★ Stabilize your ankles and feet, reduce swellings and relieve foot pain
★ Faster regeneration after training and recovery from injuries
★ Perfect for any sports, outdoor adventures, job or hobby
★ Work for any kind of foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis
★ Help with any sort of Arthritis or Rheumatism
★ Feel the results from the very first day


If you order a pair today you get a copy of our ebook Feet First – 12 Steps to foot pain relief (worth $9.99) for absolutely FREE!
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Aching feet can kill your day…

and 77% of Americans, 92% of British and 48% of Australians experience this!

You are not alone! Sometimes my feet hurt. Really bad. I’m a passionate runner and do all kinds of sports. I am 41 by now and as I grew older I noticed that my body was not regenerating as fast as I was used to and almost every day I experienced some new little aches. And nowadays there are even situations where I cannot even think about running. Luckily we are living in an age where technology gets better almost daily and the health industry is no exception. Since wearing these compression socks myself daily, it almost feels like being 10 years younger again. It all started on the very first day. When I put them on for the very first time I immediately noticed that something was happening with my body. I did feel an immediate difference and it didn’t take long before I felt a significant pain relief. The compression in these socks is extremely powerful and targeted at just the right places. My ankles feel a lot better as well and while giving me an instant pain relief after a long day at the office they stabilize every part of my feet during my activities.  So if the best part of the day is removing your shoes to get some pain relief, chances are that you’re suffering from one (or more) foot diseases. The Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks were specifically developed for stressed and aching feet and people like you and me. They provide medical grade orthopedic support, relief from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel spurs and many other foot diseases and causes for pain. The magic is in the details. Let me explain.

 7 Compression Zones Technology for your comfort

Every single sock has 7 different compression zones, targeted at the ankle, achilles tendon, heel, plantar fascia, sole, joints and bunion. The brand new, patent pending, Compression Zone Technology ® features 3 different levels of compression for the 7 zones. You will feel this immediately after putting them on, just like me. They feel so great, almost like walking on clouds. For the first time ever a single pair of socks provides relief to your entire foot. Sure, you may benefit from special exercises for your feet (check out our blog), but a single pair of socks can really make a total difference. It did for me. Wait, I told you that the socks are suited for various kinds of foot diseases, right? Ok, let me explain what they were developed for and how they can help you.

Suited for all kinds of foot pain and diseases

These special sort of compression socks will make a difference for you if you suffer from Heel Pain, especially if its chronic, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, if you’re suffering from Heel Spurs or simply if your feet feel tired and stressed. Simply wear these socks in your shoes (they fit in any shoe) with or without the use of normal socks and feel the difference instantly. You can, of course, just wear them as replacements of “normal socks” and nobody will be able to tell the difference. That makes it so great and you can wear them almost anytime and anywhere, at any occasion. Basically, the longer you wear them, the better and faster the results will be for you. Super comfortable to wear at home and even during the night in bed. Nurses, hair dressers, waiters, mailmen and women, clerks and all kinds of workers who need to stay on their feet for a longer time during the day just LOVE these socks. Make your workdays more comfortable and free of pain. Your feet will thank you. Speaking of compression, there is a species of men and women that are almost obsessed with getting better and better each day. Yes, I am speaking of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Basically, I am one of them and I love the results that these socks gave me. You want to know why? Hang tight, we have just scratched the surface of benefits…

The best Compression socks for runners, hikers and sports enthusiasts

pain relief foot compression socks sports men and womenIf you´re an athlete like me or an outdoor enthusiast who likes long walks or runs you may know how pain can really dampen your mood. I know what I’m talking about, and plantar fasciitis almost put me out of business for six months! Maybe you have heard of all the benefits that compression socks and compression gear in general can give you, like faster regeneration and better blood circulation, which results in more oxygen reaching your muscles. Now think about how extra beneficial these new socks might be for you with all the additional features on top. From now on you can count on your feet again and use these compression socks to stabilize your ankles and heels, so pain won´t be an issue again. Simply wear these socks during your exercises, or straight after having a shower and you will feel the difference instantly. These socks are being worn by many professional athletes for recovery and recreation purposes. Several olympic medalists swear by our Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks and they will do the same great effort for you if you just give them a try.

Swollen feet will heal much faster, blood circulation is enhanced and recreation times are much, much faster, so you will have more time exercising and need less time to recreate. This results in more sports, less pain, more fun and a better overall feeling and life!

If I made you curious enough or if you’re already suffering from any foot disease or foot pain please give these fantastic pain relief socks a shot. I know that you won’t be disappointed. If you can just cure your pain and prevent it from coming back ever again, do you think this would be worth a try?Sprits pain relief compression socks



These special compression socks are NOT sold in local stores and are only available on our website online. As our stock is selling out fast please make sure to order your pair today before they might be gone for good.


If they don’t work as we say, you don’t need to pay!

We are absolutely convinced from the quality and effectiveness of our products and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. To back this up we have a risk-free ironclad 30-day guarantee in place.

If, for any reasons, these socks won’t work for you, we will send you an alternative product at no additional costs, so you can keep your pair for absolutely free.

Buying products online can be daunting task and we hear your fears. So we want to assure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our website. We have a 24/7 customer support that is either available by email or toll-free phone. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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Dimensions15 × 15 × 15 in

Customer reviews

Based on 97 reviews
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97 reviews for Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks

Daniella Morrison-Jones
Helped relieve my aching feet. Best Buy
Carol Baker
I brought them for my mother but there was no way they would have fitted her so my grandson has them he loves them
David Gregory
I have Size 8 and they work perfectly!
Sandhya Espigares
I should have gotten a bigger size. I could not get them on. But then my leg and ankle is swollen.
I felt relief and found them comfortable. My husband thought his to be small and disliked the sensation of the pressure.
Glenis Waters
Have been using almost daily, my feet don’t ache now and I can walk for miles. Walking on hard surfaces (concrete) now takes most of the day before my feet are in pain.
Finally received my socks. They seem to work with my flat feet and arthritis.
Savoera Pahladsingh
They work amazingly well. I was sceptical about it, but it surprised me! I wear them often. Would definitely recommend it.
Theresa Mullen
These socks are a great product but waited over 4 weeks for delivery
Regina Hegoburu
Great for hiking. Light support. Comfortable. Warm too.
Susan sallans
I have plantar fasciitis and referred achilles pain. These socks have been wonderful in reducing the pain and enabling be to walk without limping
Charles Robertson
A bit tight but they should be ok after more ware I probably should have got a size bigger
Mrs I D De Speville
Love them, i have heels pain and they help
savio souza
Bom produto. Uso para proteger meus tornozelos durante o dia e me ajudam em minhas caminhadas.
John Pantoja
Recién llevo utilizandolos un día, y aunque tal vez es muy pronto para dar una opinión, creo que las sensaciones que tenía en las rodillas han disminuido. Quiero ser cauto pero no encuentro otra explicación que el uso de los calcetines. Tengo muchas expectativas con este producto.
Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks photo review
Julie K
Immediate relief from swelling and foot soreness after a long hike/walk. I love these socks!
Instant soft tissue support for my pore knee. I forget I have it on.
Theresa Mullen
I have been using these socks for a week an have found they help a great deal,everyday seems to improve my overall foot pain.thanks
anne cowan
after paying a fortune getting different insoles for my plantar fasclitis and nothing working I decided to try these socks and they actually give me pain relief so that I can enjoy my day
Denise Butterworth
these are excellent as i am on my feet alot with my work
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