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Pore Cleansing Tool


++ Improve the look and feel of your skin ++
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pore cleanser skin safe
  • Extracts blackheads and dirt
  • Suited for acne treatment
  • Safe to use

What is a pore cleanser?

This tool simply cleans your pores and gets rid of dirt and oil from your skin, particularly from your nose and face.

What is different with this tool?

While most over-the-counter facial washes refer themselves being pore cleansing tools, this pore cleansing tool works electric and cleans your pores using a suction technology. This results in leaving your skin much cleaner after each treatment.

Is this any dangerous?

The suction level of this cleanser is so low, that you are not able to harm yourself or injure your skin. It just targets dirt and grime embedded in your pores.

What is the best way to clean my pores?

To get the best results it is essential to clean your pores when they are open. The wider the better. You can do this by steaming your face over hot water. A hot shower also works if your not interested in hoovering your face over a bowl with hot water, though. Clean your face before you start extracting. Please make sure that no dirt or makeup is on your skin before you open your pores, as these instances can result in pimples. And you truly want to avoid this completely. It is recommended to use this cleansing tool 2-3 times a week to get the best results. Using it too often isn´t as good either, as it may cause infections. So stick to the plan and you´ll be perfectly fine.

How do I use this tool to clean my pores after they are open?

Most of the embedded dirt can be found on your cheeks, nose, forehead or chin. So start by working on those areas first with your pore cleansing tool. Simply move it over the skin part and the tool will take care of the treatment itself. This is exactly as easy as it sounds.

What do I do to protect my skin after the treatment?

Be sure to desinfect your skin after each session carefully and moisturize it after that. Your skin might look a bit red and feel a bit tender afterwards, so take good care of it, but don´t overdo this.

For how long should I use this to see results?

Don´t force dirt, blackheads or whiteheads out if you can´t get them within 2 or 3 tries. This will take some time, even if your skin is fully steamed. You will see good resukts after 2 weeks of use. Your skin will definitely look much brighter and feel much softer.


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