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ProCircle Deep Tissue Massage Ball

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  • Professional Massage Ball
  • Easily massage your back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders etc.
  • Suited for plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • Massage trigger points and relieve pain
  • Use with a partner or for self-massage


The ProCircle Massage Ball is your perfect little helper if you want to get rid of your stiff muscles or back pain. It provides an experience that is similar to a professional massage from a therapist. Its scientifically developed design enhances blood flow and reduces swellings after just a short treatment. You can perfectly massage yourself or do the exercises with a partner.

This little gadget was developed for professional athletes and is used for regeneration by football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, rugby players and sports athletes of all kinds.

It completes a treatment for plantar fasciitis and along with our Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks you can achieve awesome results. Test yourself and feel the difference.

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