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Sauna Shaper Shirt for Men

(12 customer reviews)

$54.00 $29.90

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  • Sweat 3-5 times more but stay dry
  • Designed for everyday wear
  • SmartFabric™ and Nanotex™ Technology
  • Shapes your body for better look and feel
  • Get the most out of any workout

sauna shaper men size chart

Sweat more – get results faster

Activewear feels great. Shapewear looks great. And when you have a shirt like the Sauna Shaper Shirt, that combines both categories in perfect harmony, actually, you don’t even need to be a member of a fitness or health club to benefit from all the features. Wearing athleisure clothes all day long has become a trend over the last few years and I can absolutely understand this. Combine the look and feel with some newly developed functions and you’ll see results by just wearing your favorite piece of cloth. Sounds crazy? Let me explain…

Some very smart engineers and technicians developed an innovative fabric structure for Activewear that combines all the good things you already know and honor, like style, comfort and lightweight with a smart heating fabric technology throughout every thread. Three unique designed and developed layers are crafted to one amazing piece of fabric that has the single purpose of helping you getting better and faster results. You can wear this shirt all day long and it is made for your everyday adventures, whether being at the gym, exercising at home, running through the park or hanging out with your friends.

sauna shaper for men shirt sweat more

Sweat releases endorphins – and endorphins make you happy, energized and strong. This is scientifically proven. Our brand new Sauna Shaper Short makes you sweat 3-5 times more, even when not working out! Just imagine how it would feel to be 3-5 times as happy and energized as you are at this moment while you read through the product description. Wouldn’t that be great?

Another great benefit of sweating more is that our bodies use sweat to detoxify themselves. Sweating forces the body to get rid of alcohol, cholesterol, salt and various other toxins. By sweating 3-5 times more imagine how much healthier you will be and feel.

And we’re not done explaining all of the benefits at all. I haven’t told you about the fact that pores are opened through sweat yet. This releases fatty tissues located inside them and the skin is being cleared automatically from all kinds of dirt. If you have ever been to a sauna you know what I am talking about. Our Sauna Shaper Shirt helps you maintain a clear and healthy skin.

There are several other minor benefits of sweating more and we are just scratching the surface. Overall this new shirt helps you lose weight, look better and feel better, sweat more, increase health and detox your body. Beyond that it just looks and feels great. Click “add to bag” now and we’ll be happy to process your order shortly and ship it to you for free.



We are absolutely convinced from the quality and effectiveness of our products and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. To back this up we have a risk-free ironclad 30-day guarantee in place.

If you don’t have a positive experience for WHATEVER reason, we will do what needs to be done to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

Buying products online can be daunting task and we hear your fears. So we want to assure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our website. We have a 24/7 customer support that is either available by email or toll-free phone. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

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Customer reviews

Based on 12 reviews
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12 reviews for Sauna Shaper Shirt for Men

Sauna Shaper Shirt for Men photo review
Benjamín þór kristjánsson
The sweat thing works wonders but quality wise of only 2 week of use it falling apart.
Mauricio Castro-Lines
Excellent, so much so that my son took mine and is using it himself...
ali is good thanks
Abel Clouse
The product came quickly and fits as I expected it to. I wear it daily for my workout.
Matthew Collins
Excellent product and will definitely recommend for people with determination to loose tummy fat. Pick up one size smaller and it will do the trick. I lost 4 pounds in two weeks with just walking a couple of miles wearing this 4 times a week. Easy to wash and dry. Dries in an hour on a hanger, for sure no calorie can be burnt while washing this product. Very durable. Will definitely buy again.
Eusebio Schenck
I recommend this product to all my male friends. Its a snug fit but it does complete what it is designed for. While walking around in it before my work out I can feel the sauna effect generating heat in all the right places. I have been using this product for a few months and will soon need to purchase a smaller size due to the weight I have lost. Of course the shirt needs additional help like eating right and actually working out. It is def a super boost to my weight lose.
Dominick Smith
It can really make you sweat after a long hard workout, but trying to take it off right after you're all sweaty from your workout is a major hassle. The fabric is very stretchy and elastic-like, it's very hard to remove it from the collar and the arm holes without help from someone.
Kevin Tello
It will make you sweat as long as you are active, don't expect it to make you sweat while you watch tv. even in cold enviroments you will sweat, if you keep your self active lol. The fitting was alright, I felt like it fit my chest better than my abdominal. It was kinda losse but I wouldn't mind it since it still does its job to make me sweat more
Willie Lujan
It's not bad for the price. Does fit well and I wore it for two hours until my wife noticed it and made a comment.
James Rowe
Product is fine. Very strong rubber smell. Hopefully hand washing will remove smell. I own a sweet sweat waist band. The waist band is better for 3 reasons: 1) Less Expensive 2) You do not have to wash after every use 3) Your waist area sweats a lot more with the band. Overall buying this shirt is not necessary. No magic out there in a pill or a sweat suit....you gotta eat healthy and cut your carbs.
Fred Harrison
Man you get a good sweat in this. I love the fit. Not sure if I should have order a L, instead of an xl. I'm a 46 in chest size and the fit is very comfortable. Not sure if its suppose to be tight (like a compression garment), but I am happy.
Freddie Ellison
Great Work out Shirt
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