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Total Support Orthotic Insoles

(14 customer reviews)

$49.99 $22.99

  • Men & Women (4-7)
  • Men & Women (7-12)
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  • Relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spur, tendonitis, arthritis or diabetes
  • Reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot
  • Excellent support for flat feet
  • Work wonders and reduce foot, leg, knee or back pain
  • Make every step soothing with comfort
  • Deep heel cups padded with gel

Podiatrists are using orthotic insoles for their patients for decades. They do this because orthotic insoles offer the best solution for people with sensitive feet, including those with foot pain, diabetes and arthritis.

Unique features for your health

Total Support Orthotic Insoles are biomechanically engineered and have unique features that improve mobility, comfort and help relieve heel, foot, knee and lower back pain. Anatomical arch support improves foot and leg alignment and helps ease stress and pain caused by flat feet, bunions, arthritis or diabetes.

Pain Relief for most causes of foot paincauses for foot pain

Our brand new, patent pending, deep heal seat technology, that is padded with gel, helps relieve heel pain, plantar fasciitis and is super beneficial for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis and heel spurs. So basically these insoles are your all around magic cure. Try it yourself…

Why Total Support Orthotic Insoles?

Most replacements insoles offer some kind of motion control and stability. But that’s all that our insoles have in common with them. Our brand new Total Support Orthotic Insoles feature a 3D-Modulation system, that provides varying degrees of hardness beneath key areas of the foot. This changes the ground forces reaching the foot during activities and results in increased performance and superior comfort while helping to reduce over-pronation, a common issue that causes foot, leg and back pain.


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Additional information

Weight0.07 lbs
Dimensions30 × 11 × 3 in

14 reviews for Total Support Orthotic Insoles

    Dina Duarte
    September 21, 2019
    I’ve spent a lot of money on insoles these are by far the best ones!
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    June 29, 2019
    I have flat feet condition. Orthotic insoles are terrific. Have used 'em a few times for long walks. Relief from pain while walking as well as after prolonged rest.
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    March 23, 2018
    Bought these but I used them just a few times. I did find them good. Can recommend them.
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    Les James
    February 11, 2018
    I have tried the pain relief compression socks and find them to be good, I have also slept with them on. My painful feet benefited from wearing them. Although my pain is till there I can at least get out of the house now.
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    Oscar Freeman
    January 28, 2018
    This is my first time ordering from this website, but the quality made me a believer, so I decided to post my review! These inserts are the best especially for the price. I have run 2 full marathons and many half marathons in these... they last longer than the shoes! I have high arches and over pronate in my forefoot so these inserts help control some of that. I am a physical therapist and have also recommended them to a few patients as an inexpensive alternative to orthotics and have had some great feed back! I have tried super feet too but have had better relief with these!
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    Matilda Farmer
    January 16, 2018
    I got myself a pair of shoes that I really liked but weren't really built for long walking. The insoles the shoes came with were very comfortable but they started hurting my right foot.

    I wanted to replace those insoles with a pair that offered me ball-of-foot support, heal support, arch support and didn't really "feel" like it was offering it. These insoles fit the bill.

    While I do need insoles that offer me lots of arch support I've never been able to find any that didn't feel like a small rock pressed up agains my arch.

    These guys make my otherwise casual shoes feel like great walking shoes. They make do exactly as they advertise without feeling too obvious.

    These can work for casual, athletic and/or almost any other shoe.

    Need new insoles? Look no further.
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    Jayden Bolton
    January 13, 2018
    Out of all the insoles I have tried these are the best.

    PROS for Total Support:
    -It offers a lot shock absorption in the heel area
    -It has very good arch support
    -It has a rigid plastic base/frame (the light gray in the picture). This is a feature found on more expensive insoles like Superfeet and offers more support overall
    -It is medium stiffness, just right, not too firm and not too soft
    -It has a matte black color and matches almost any shoe
    -Overall the Total Support Insoles are the best insoles I have tried out of at least a dozen. They provide total support (heel, arch, etc.), have all the bases covered. It is not deficient in any one area and the best all-around insole. Some insoles are better in the heel, others in the arch, this one is excellent all-around.

    -Can’t think of any, maybe price, but it beat out more expensive insoles like Superfeet so this a minor issue.

    CONCLUSION: I painstakingly tried the Total Support Insoles against every insole I own (one insole brand in the left shoe, another one in the right shoe, and went for a walk); every time these were the best, often by a wide margin. A close runner-up was the Sof Sole Fit Series (which come in Low Sole, Neutral Sole, or High Sole corresponding to feet with Low, Medium, or High Arches, respectively). The Sof Sole Fit Series is a bit thinner and might work better in shoes were there isn’t a lot of space for an insole.
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    David Slater
    January 12, 2018
    Great insoles. I have stupid feet and I overpronate terribly. I have to use insoles like these in all my running shoes and in some of my everyday shoes, too. They provide great support, straighten out my overpronation, and also provide cushion for my sesamoid, which I strained in the past and still flare up sharply from time to time.
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    Benjamin Swift
    January 11, 2018
    These are great insoles, and cheaper than the regular superfeet I buy. I do find that the arch support is slightly too far forward for me (not quite ideal), but it is certainly nothing that makes me not want to use these inserts. Overall they have helped reduce foot and knee pain when walking and standing a lot.
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    Joel Hale
    January 5, 2018
    I play soccer almost twice a week on either turf/grass and have been suffering from right knee/hip issues over the last 6 months. I went to a physical therapist who didn't give me much advice other than exercise more, run with better form, and try not to over do it when playing soccer. I tried this for the first 3 months, even bought 2-3 new pairs of cleats (adidas, nike, and puma) to no avail.

    FINALLY someone recommended trying insoles and specifically recommended these.

    I know people have many different causes of IT band syndrome leading to knee/hip pain so maybe it won't cure everyone but for me, I can happily report that I'm playing 2-3x/week with NO IT band soreness/pain and am completely cured of my knee/hip issues. I'm also back to running like I used to and neglecting my IT band stretching exercises, but my physical therapist doesn't have to know that ;-)

    If you're having issues like I did, don't even think, just buy this product. The 20-30$ is worth the saved days of pain/discomfort/feeling like you're a million years old, following runs.
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    Elizabeth Bailey
    January 3, 2018
    Feel great for my husbands flat foot needs. Says it's the perfect amount of support without being too invasive on the foot. He tried a bunch but a lot of them he said were uncomfortable and he could feel them pushing up too much on the bottom of his foot. These seem to be a perfect balance for him.
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    Daisy Marsden
    January 2, 2018
    These are wonderful. Not the killer-painful orthotics that the podiatrist makes that you have to adjust to over weeks. But firm enough that they give you immediate support without painful adjustment. Maybe a day or so if you have never worn a high-arch insert, but believe me, after you adjust to these, you'll find yourself standing for hours longer than you used to be able to, and your feet will hurt MUCH less. I won't use any other insole.
    NOTE: replace them every six months. They mash flat, especially if you're "differently weighted" like me. They aren't that much, and your feet, knees, etc. will thank you.
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    Samantha Fuller
    December 29, 2017
    Husband has flat-feet, like non-existent arches, and he is really digging these insoles. This is his first time using a more rigid set of inserts so it took some getting used to but after a couple days of him wearing them i asked how his feet were doing. Mind you, i ordered these because he would not stop complaining about his feet at the end of the day for an entire week. So he pauses a few seconds and says, "Actually they haven't hurt me at all. I hadn't even thought about my feet all day!" So there you go, they work!!! I will continue experimenting with different styles when these are close to wearing out. He goes thru inserts quite often so not sure if this is our favorite yet but loving the results from our FIRST experience with these insoles!! Fantastic Product!!!
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    Mia Johnson
    December 12, 2017
    So, my feet hurt. I walk a lot. I would go through shoes every 3 months. One day I stopped at the local good feet store. I got fitted for inserts and good lord, they were an investment $$! I opted not to spend the money. A good friend of mine turned me onto the Total Support insoles. I have had them almost 2 weeks, and guess what....my feet don't hurt anymore.
    I will be buying another pair of these......
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