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Ultimate Outdoor Survival Kit

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★ THE COMPLETE SET: The ultimate survival set comes with 14 gadgets that will help you to protect yourself and survive

★ HIGH QUALITY MILITARY MATERIALS: All of the included tools are made from military grade materials, such as tungsten steel, military paracord and carbon

★ WITH TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT, KNIFE & PEN: These three tactical gadgets cost more than the complete set in other stores

★ FOR CAMPERS, HIKERS & PREPPERS: Having a survival kit is essential, whether you head to the wild or stay at home

★ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The small sized case fits into any backpack or suitcase

★ ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED: The set contains everything you need, in a small and lightweight case

★ 11-IN-ONE-MULTI-TOOL: Includes a powerful multi-tool for almost any occasions

★ INCLUDES: Tactical Knife, Tactical Flashlight; Tactical Pen, The Wire Saw, Multi-Tool, Survival Bracelet, Emergency Blanket, Laser Pointer, Compass, Water Bottle Carrier, Emergency Whistle, Shock & Waterproof Case


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Absolutely necessary – even if you’re not in the wild

You should always have a survival kit ready, no matter whether in the backcountry or at home. The main purpose of having a survival kit is to make sure that you always have the right tools available during a difficult situation. And in some occasions this can be life-saving.

Around 150 people die in the wild every year. And another 1000 get injured or die in hunting accidents. But those numbers just scratch the surface and the number of unreported cases is a lot higher. So if you like to hang out in the wild camping, hiking, biking or simply plan a trip through uninhabited areas, you definitely need to be prepared. And even if you’re at home, you should consider getting a survival kit to protect yourself and your family. And I am not talking about a zombie apocalypse here…

Everything you need – in a handy case

The simplest survival priorities are making sure you have access to shelter, water, fire and food. However, there’s more than this to escape the wild in an emergency situation. That’s why we put the 11 essentials that you need to survive when stuck in the wild into a shockproof and easy to carry case, so they are available to your disposal whenever you need them.

1. Compass for Navigation

A compass and a map can make the difference between life and death. As we all know from tv shows and movies “getting turned around” can lead to very uncomfortable situations. But if you know how to navigate with a map and a compass, you’ll always find your way out.

2.Blanket for Insulation

Threats come in many forms. Cold weather is a deadly foe and protecting ourselves from it is absolutely mandatory. An emergency blanket does this job perfectly and keeps your body warm through cold nights.

3. Multi function tactical Knife for Protection

Maybe the most important thing to carry with you outdoors is a knife. We put a stainless steel folding knife with additional features like a carabiner and bottle opener into our kit.

4. Multi functional flashlight

Lighting can signal your location and show that you need help. With our tactical flashlight with 3 light modes and zoom for ultra-bright lighting, you’ll always have lighting available.

5. Tools to get jobs done

Another great part of our kit is a multi-tool with 11 functions in the size of a credit card. It works as a screwdriver for most screws, wrench, saw, ruler, can and cap opener or knife. And it’s made of stainless steel as well.

6. Laser pointer and whistle Rescue tools

If you want to get the attention of helper, you need to tell them where you are. We put a laser pointer with a range of 2200 yards (2000m) to the list. Send an SOS light beam to the sky and mark your position. An emergency whistle with a special frequency grabs the attention too. So if you need to send an acoustic signal, there you go.

7. Tools to start a fire

Making a fire is super important. So we put a wire saw to the kit that can cut wood (and other materials) to start a fire. The survival bracelet we included has a position where a flint is supposed to be located. Unfortunately it is forbidden to ship flints for security reasons. So you need to put one in yourself. But basically you have everything you need to start a fire anywhere.

8. Water carrier

Having access to water is essential. to carry an extra bottle with you, we added a little water bottle clip that you can attach to a belt, backpack or pouch. This makes carrying an extra bottle of water easy.

9. Tactical pen for Escape and self-defence

Another great tool we out in our set is a tactical pen. It is made of tungsten steel and can easily break glass or windows. And it can be an effective weapon as well. And, oh yeah, you can write with it too.

10. Multi-purpose survival bracelet

The wristband is made of military paracord. You can easily unravel the bracelet to a rope that can carry your body weight. If you need to climb or get down a steep hill, this will come very handy. And you can always build a roof with it or use it for first-aid.

11. Waterproof and shockproof case

We put all these essentials together for you and packed them into a handy case for you. The case if waterproof and shockproof and you can use this for other items as well to protect your stuff at all times.

Hopefully you’ll never need any of those tool, but better be safe than sorry. Make sure to order your ultimate survival kit today while it is still on sale.

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