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Ultra Night Vision Glasses

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★ Blocks dangerous nighttime glare

★ Better night vision

★ No more fear driving at night

★ Enhanced vision when visibility is poor

★ Fit over most prescription glasses


Better Night Vision Solved

These new glasses work with or without prescription glasses

If your eyesight suffers as lights get lower and artificial lights shine up, you can easily get in trouble. Many people avoid driving at night or even in the late evenings because of this problem.

If you are using prescription glasses already there isn’t even a solution out there, because snap on nighttime lenses regularly fall off the bridges. Besides that they are just super expensive and the polarization quality is even worse than just regular sunglasses.

This is where our new Ultra Night Vision Glasses come in handy. At first sight they are a great pair of night driving or night vision glasses. But beyond that they really work wonders when they are worn alone, they fit over most prescription glasses as well. Apparently, they are the only ones on the market that work as fitovers.

ultra night vision comparison

The polarization technology that is used blocks blinding glare so well that invisible objects or obstacles suddenly become visible for your eyes. This results in better vision when the situation demands for it the most. The anti-reflective coat prevents your pupils from over-compensating. This helps protecting your natural night vision.

The optical clarity is not only great for driving. You can use these glasses any time visibility is poor. Use them for walking, skiing, hiking or while taking your dog to the park. There’s nothing comparable on the market right now.

Another great feature are the small, night lens panels. These panels enhance your peripheral vision and take care of shining lights that are targeted towards the corners of your eyes. There are no other glasses out there that provide these benefits.