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Wifi Doorbell Camera – Wireless Camera Doorbell with free Chimes

$149.99 $99.99

★ High quality wireless camera doorbell

★ Motion-activated alerts for maximum security

★ Two-way voice calls – speak with your guests

★ Non-stop power – standby up to 8 months

★ Real-time monitoring – know what’s going on

★ Works with any wireless network capable device

★ Super easy to set up and connect

★ Night-mode and day-mode automatically change



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A Smart Wireless Camera Doorbell Improves Your Safety

Wouldn’t it be great to see who’s outside your home without opening the door? We all know situations where we regret opening the doors, don’t we? Have you ever opened the door to look into the faces of some Jehovah’s Whitnesses or representatives of the Church of Scientology? Or maybe you’d simply want to avoid buying another jar full of Girls Scout cookies. The smart doorbell camera allows you to weed out your guests, from anywhere you’d like.

But there’s more to just knowing who’s ringing your doorbell. The newest version of our Wifi Doorbell Camera has a body detection function that automatically turns on the camera whenever someone approaches your door. You can even record a video of that scene to potentially report identify a theft or robber to the police. And you insurance company will love this device too!

A power saving chip allows super long standby – up to 8 months with a single load of batteries. You can monitor your home 24/7, from any device you want. From all around the globe. Anytime and anywhere. A built-in speaker system lets you have a two-way voice call with your guests from any device as well. For maximum security and safety.

Our offer includes a free Chime with 36 awesome ringtones for you to choose from. The long radio distance makes it possible for you to place the Chime anywhere in your house you’d like. Never miss a riding doorbell again and change the doorbell ringtone whenever you want. The clean and simple design integrates to any environment perfectly without looking weird or bulky.

We made it easy for anyone to install the wireless camera doorbell in 3 easy steps. There’s no need to hire a third party to get this genius device to work. Anyone can do it. Just attach the frame to your wall, install the batteries, download the app for your device, pair the camera to your phone, install the Chime to any socket and enjoy your new smart home feature.

If you’ve heard from amazon’s own device here are some great news. The Wireless Camera Doorbell works without any subscription. There are no further costs involved. We hate subscription models so this is really just a straightforward “One and done” type of deal. All in all, this device comes 70% cheaper with almost all the great features that amazon offers with their device. Without the need for a monthly subscription. Doesn’t that sound great?

Additional features include:

  • Live monitoring from any device
  • Video recording  (SD card needed)
  • One button activation
  • Motion detection for maximum safety
  • Notifications, calls or alerts whenever someone approaches the device
  • Set the device up the way you want it to work

Right now we’re running a special promotion and give a special Chime plug away with any purchase for free. That way you can select any of 36 different modern or classic doorbell ringtones with your camera unit and place it anywhere you’d like. This bonus is worth $29 alone. So if you’re interested in making your home more safe and turn it into a smart home, don’ hesitate and order your Wireless Camera Doorbell today. Free shipping is included in this offer. If you need any further information about this product please feel free to reach out to us either by phone, email, Facebook messenger or through our contact form. We’ll be happy to answer them as quickly as we can.


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