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Wireless Charging Station for iPhone, Samsung & others

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $19.99.

  • Compatible with iPhone 8, 8S and X
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge), S7 (Edge), S8/S8 Plus and Note 8
  • Qi certified, works with any mobile device that supports the Qi standard
  • Fast charging function
  • Efficient and safe to use


Since the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S6, wireless charging has become quite normal. However, neither Samsung nor Apple provide an adequate solution at a reasonable price. This is at least my personal opinion and chances are that you will agree.

That’s why we decided to create an affordable solution that is compatible with all of the mobile phones out there that work with Qi. Qi is the interface standard that defines wireless power transfer using inductive charging. Simply attach the USB cable, put your iPhone or Galaxy on the station and see the magic happen.

The charging station is absolutely safe to use and protects your phone from overcharging and getting too hot. It is Qi certified and supports fast charging. You can even use your phone with a case on it. Make the charging transition today and you’ll never look back!


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