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Wireless Keyboard & Mouse


★ Set of Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse

★ Works with any device that has a USB port

★ Stable and reliable connections

★ Lightweight, comfortable and precise

★ Piano grade color applications

★ The best set you can get for your money


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Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse have defined the standard for wireless computer accessories. The comfort, elegance and functionality of these devices are just superb. The downside is that they only work great with Mac computers (or Apple devices). And while there are drivers for Windows machines out there, the functionality just isn’t the same. Not to speak about the price of $180 combined. That’s a lot to swallow for just a keyboard and a mouse, isn’t it?

The design and functionality motivated us to work on a solution that works with ANY device. Yes, any. Want to connect it to your TV? No problem. Want to control your Android or IOS device? There you go. You can connect it to any device, no matter the operating system. The Wireless Keyboard & Mouse work with all computers, tablets, phones, TVs, set top boxes, laptops or notebooks. The only requirement is that the device works has a USB port.

The connection happens through a special mini receiver that is plugged into an USB port. No need for a wireless lan connection or bluetooth connections that are prone to outages. This connection is always reliable and stable. Period!

The Wireless Keyboard combines a sleek design and enhanced key features. An integrated key mechanism, optimised key travel and a low profile, the Wireless Keyboard provides an astonishing precise and comfortable typing experience. It pairs automatically with your computer or device, so you can start typing straight away. The Wireless Mouse is super lightweight and an optimised design. That helps the mouse to track easier and more precise, while reducing the resistance on your desk. Scrolling through websites or documents is finally fun again. Both, the mouse and the keyboard share the same receiver without any delays or complications. We put the receiver into the battery case of the keyboard, so it doesn’t get lost during transport.

Just order your set of the Wireless Keyboard & Mouse today at the incredible price of just $49.99. That is almost a quarter of the amount Apple is calling for their devices. So don’t hesitate and put in your order today to make sure that you’ll get this amazing set at this amazing price.


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