Best Gifts for Women Who Work Out

gifts for active women work out

Admittedly, the idea for this post came to me because, as I write, Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. That said, you could be reading this article at any time. So, with that in mind, the products on this list make great gifts for all women, whether they’re mothers, sisters, daughters or grandmas. 

What gifts do active women really like?

Athletic women have a unique set of needs. Their bodies are obviously different than men’s. They work out differently than men. And, honestly, they just have different preferences than men. With those needs in mind, here are the best products on the market for women who love to work out. 

The Gift Card

First things first, this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of a gift card. Let’s face it: there are some things you just can’t buy for a woman. Shoes, for instance, will have to fit properly. It’s also tricky to buy things like leggings and workout clothing without your favorite athlete present. For items like this, gift cards are a great option. 

With that in mind, do be sure the gift cards are personal. A Visa gift card just screams “afterthought.” Take the time to visit the local shoe store, or to get a gift certificate for a sports massage. 

Sports Accessories

While clothes and shoes may not be easy to buy, accessories for women who are athletes are easy to find! Look into the basics, like reflective gear and headbands. Check out armbands to hold her mp3 player while she works out. Or research safety lights – did you know they make lights for shoelaces?

Consider your athlete’s favorite colors and styles, and think about how she works out. After all, a yoga mat won’t be useful to a woman who lifts weights! Keeping her interests in mind will make the gift personal to her – she’ll love it!

Compression Socks

Compression socks and stockings could technically be considered clothing. However, they’re much easier to size and buy for someone else than some other clothes. In fact, there are some compression socks that are “one size fits all” adults, taking the guesswork out of your gift buying experience. 

Compression socks are great for improving your recipient’s circulation, reducing muscle soreness and even boosting athletic performance. Plus, they’ll keep her warm in the cooler months while she plays outside. 

Orthotic Insoles

In the same way that compression stockings or socks are easy to “guess” a size, insoles are, as well. And insoles provide huge benefits to a woman’s feet, whether she’s using them for working out or wearing them in her work shoes. 

Orthotic insoles provide support to the feet, stabilize the gait and work like shock absorbers. That means fewer injuries and less instance of joint and tendon issues. Orthotic insoles are a great gift for female athletes, but literally any woman will love them. 

Healthy Cookbooks

Women who work out have to eat, too! Why not treat the athlete in your life to a cookbook featuring healthy, low calorie or vegetarian foods? Whether your recipient is a home chef or is just learning the ropes, she’s sure to enjoy the recipes in a healthy cookbook. Sometimes cookbooks are a great way to learn about new foods to try, too!

As a bonus gift, you could present her new cookbook alongside a dinner that you’ve prepared her. Who knows, maybe your gift could turn into an activity you both enjoy doing together. 

Yoga Kit

If the athlete in your life is into yoga, consider treating her to a complete new yoga kit. Your kit should include a yoga mat, of course. It could also include accessories like a yoga towel, mat cleaning spray, yoga straps and an eco-friendly water bottle. 

You can have fun customizing her yoga kit. There are dozens of options available – different styles of mats and towels, different scented aromatherapy sprays and more. Whatever you end up with, you favorite yoga lover will be thrilled!

Outdoor Gear

If you’re shopping for a hiker, camper, fishing guru or any other woman who hangs out outdoors, you’ve got plenty of options. First, think about what she likes to do. If she’s a camper, invest in a good tactical flashlight to keep her nights bright. Shopping for a hiking enthusiast? Try a little multi-purpose pouch to keep her belongings safe. 

Of course, you could also go all out and invest in a new hiking pack, multi person tent or even a new tackle box. As always, consider the things she likes to do, then shop to suit her preferences. 

Post-Workout Goodies

No woman on this planet works out every hour of every day. So, when you’re shopping for an active woman, think about what she might need after her workout. There are a few things you could consider shopping for. 

First, what woman wouldn’t love a personal blender? They’re great for making post-workout smoothies, and can be used for other things as well. For instance, many people use personal blenders to mix sauces when cooking, or even to make iced drinks in the summer. 

You could also treat her to a new showerhead. That may sound funny, but every woman loves a good shower. A head with great water pressure will rinse that workout grime in no time. Check out the Ultimate Shower Head, which increases water pressure by up to 200%!

Another idea is this Foot Reflexology Massage Mat. It’s great for post workout foot pain and can help reduce the instance of plantar fasciitis, arch problems and other foot pain. 

A Workout Buddy

If you’re on a tight budget, possibly the best gift you could give the woman athlete in your life is a workout buddy. That’s right – YOU! If your friend is the type who wouldn’t mind a bit of company while she sweats, offer to accompany her while she hits the gym, the pool or the pavement. 

Even if your fitness levels aren’t exactly matched, working out together is a great way to challenge each other. A bit of friendly competition may be the best gift of all for a woman who loves to work out!

Here are some great gifts that you might consider:


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