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Buying a gaming headset: What to look for

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Whether you’ve decided to surprise someone for Christmas or you’re an enthusiastic gamer looking for a new gaming audio solution, one thing is true – a good gaming headset is essential. Chances are that you share your living space with family members or roommates. If you’re a devoted gamer, you want to soak up the game fully, with all of its visual characteristics and of course, sounds. And if you stink that the walls stop the gunshots and other noises from your video games – think again. Not only could they be disturbing for anyone else in the property but the experience is also so much different when wearing the perfect gaming headset. 

In this article, we’ll share with you tips on how to choose the best gaming headset that will bring your gaming experience to the next level. We’ll explore some of the most preferred features of the best PC gaming headsets in hopes of helping you make the right decision. 

Why do you need a gaming headset?

Before sharing with you all the features of the perfect gaming headset, let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to buy one in the first place. 

Play undisturbed

Sometimes, you may feel the urge to play in a time when this is not very convenient for others in the same environment. For instance, you may want to be careful not to wake a baby or a friend or family member may be in an online meeting. All sounds and noises from the game will definitely be a problem. However, in most games, they play a vital role in your performance. A gaming headset gives you the comfort and convenience of playing when you decide to without being disturbed for causing too much noise. 

No external noises 

When playing a game, you want to be entirely focused on what’s going on inside this virtual world. You certainly don’t want to hear phones ringing, the radio playing, or the TV on. Yet, if you’re sharing your living space with someone else, these inconveniences may be inevitable. Playing with a good gaming headset will ensure that all external noises are fully blocked. 

Excellent sound quality 

If you choose a quality gaming headset, you’ll be able to enjoy crisp and clear sounds, far better than the sound quality you can get from standard speakers. This is very important if you want to boost your performance as a lot of games require accurate movements, which are dependent on audio queues. By receiving the sounds on time and clearly, you can instantly react when you need to. 

Flawless communication

A lot of games are played in a team and require audio communication for maximum results. Most gaming headsets are designed with a built-in microphone that lets you easily speak to teammates while playing without any distractions. You can stay on top of your game and discuss strategies with other people involved without having to look away for a second. Ideally, you’ll want to opt-in for a wireless gaming headset that doesn’t limit you to your current position for maximum convenience. 

How to choose the right gaming headset? 

Have you ever spoken to friends you’ve shared how they’ve discovered the ultimate gaming headset that they don’t ever want to say goodbye to? The good news is that you could the same. If you’ve ever wondered what is the best headset for gaming, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you what to look out for!


For starters, one of the first things that you should look at is how comfortable the headset will be. When ordering online, it may be difficult to get a clear idea, so let’s see what you should consider. Especially if you play for hours, it can be a real burden if your headset is causing your discomfort. Sweating and friction can cause trouble, some added weight in a certain place can make your neck hurt, and band pressure can lead to ear pain and headaches. 

Avoid this by reading the chosen gaming headset characteristics carefully. For instance, the Spider Pro Gaming Headset available has 3D earpads with a 15mm thickness, which guarantee maximum comfort, even after hours of wearing them.  

The microphone

Although the mic is often neglected by gamers shopping for a new headset, they are extremely important during the game. Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a recording quality microphone that is built into the headset, there is little chance of finding one. However, you can find a laser-sharp voice quality microphone that will be suitable for your gaming. Keep in mind that headsets designed for gaming purposes commonly face a challenge when it comes to the bass range of the frequency spectrum. If you have a deep voice the other side may hear it as if coming from a funnel. 

The isolation 

To get the most of your gaming headset, make sure that it has proper isolation. If not adequately sealed, the headset can bright slight adjustments to what you hear, which may cause you to lose advantage in the game. Oftentimes, gamers rely on directional audio cues and when the sound is not received properly, trouble follows. 

The seal can usually be analyzed by the dimensions of the headphone pad and the materials used to manufacture it. Sometimes, the headset needs time to adapt to the shape of your head and the foam may lie in perfectly after some time. Make sure that the pad is big enough to cover your ear. 

Wired or wireless?

Both wireless and wired gaming headsets have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing between the two will be based on personal preference, budget, and other factors. A wired connection is usually best for budget gaming headsets as it is more affordable compared to a wireless alternative. They usually come with a range of features and are often a preferred solution. Plus, to date, there are more wired headsets to choose from on the market. Furthermore, you don’t need to charge them or worry about batteries. They’re convenient to use as you are relying on a conventional set-up rather than connecting to a Bluetooth. 

However, a wireless gaming headset gives you more options for moving around as you’re not restricted by a cable. They are also a good choice for cross-platform compatibility. In addition, manufacturers have been working on improving the battery life of wireless headsets. Think about what’s important to you before making a choice between these two options. 

The weight 

Surely, playing for hours with something heavy on your head doesn’t classify as neither convenient nor comfortable for most. If you plan to spend whole days and nights playing a game, you better make sure that you’re comfortable while doing so. A light headset for gaming will ensure your comfort. However, keep in mind that normally, heavier headsets are known to be more durable and lasting in the long-term. When buying a new one, compare its weight to your existing headset or that of a friend. This will help you establish whether the choice will be right for you. Also, make sure that you check the return policy as nothing is ever certain. You might discover that after a few hours of play your head is hurting and your ears are sore. 

The surround sound

Surround sound is not the same as 3D sound but it is certainly important for the quality of your play. Most pro gamers choose headsets with surround sound that delivers a 360-degree soundscape. This is one by creating a number of speakers that cover both ears. This means that you will be able to hear the sounds and moves in the game exactly from the direction where they are coming from. It’s important to note that this feature is considered a luxury and is still not present in most gaming headsets. However, it is likely that more manufacturers will adopt this into their products in the future. 

It’s time to go shopping for a new headset for gaming 

We hope that if you’ve ever asked yourself the question “what headsets do pro gamers use” you now feel more confident in the answer. We’ve shared some of the top factors gamers consider when choosing their headsets. After all, skills are indeed important but without the right equipment, the gameplay could be ruined completely. If you haven’t tried a gaming headset before, it’s advised to ask a friend to use theirs for at least an hour to be able to establish what makes you comfortable and pinpoint some of your preferences. Regardless of your level of experience in gaming, the information we’ve shared will help you make the right choice. Enjoy a season of gaming!


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