Early Holiday Shopping Ideas: Gadget Gifts to Remember

early holiday gifts

Although there is still some time left before the Christmas shopping overwhelms buyers around the world, it’s always best to start planning yearly. Leaving it for the last moment can often result in more money spent (you’re probably going to miss a lot of great deals), stress, and potentially wrong choices. Exchanging gifts is a special time of year and shows that you care about the people around you. 

With COVID-19 having its influence around the world, social distancing is likely to impact the way we shop for gifts this year. But the good side to the story is that by shopping online, you can receive so much more information, plan better, and calculate your overall Christmas shopping expenses easier. 

This season we have a lot to offer and we thought that you might need some help with ideas and advice for Christmas shopping. So let’s get to it – we’ve prepared a list of amazing holiday season gadget gifts that you don’t want to miss out on. Make your friends and family happy and surprise them with one or some of these awesome suggestions. 

Take a pen and paper out, you’ll want to write these down.

Original Bottle Opener 

Let’s start with the most simple yet most authentic and original holiday gift of all – the stainless steel ace of spades bottle opener. This eternal bottle opener is an amazing gift idea for anyone but will be especially appreciated by those who have a passion for poker or other card games. It is easily portable, durable, and stylish. Wrapped up and packaged according to the taste of your friends and loved ones, this gift can be an amazing way to surprise someone who enjoys drinking beer or other bottled drinks for the holidays. 

World Scratch Map

Have you always wondered how to surprise a traveller or a friend who’s absolutely passionate about travelling the world and exploring new places? Well, what better way to do this by choosing the perfect gift for them – a deluxe world scratch map. For people who often travel but don’t document their experience either via vlogging or personal photos, it could become difficult to track and remember all the places that they’ve visited. 

Thankfully, the deluxe world scratch map offers a neat and exciting solution that could almost make you addicted to exploring new places. Scratch the visited area from the world map after you’ve explored the location and move on to the next one. It comes with copper foil with a stylish matte finish black paper. It’s both practical and a beautiful décor to have in your home interior. The best part is that it is packed in a poster tube, allowing it to easily pack into a candy form, for example. 

Smart Watch 

Do you have friends or loved ones who would absolutely love to have a smartwatch but don’t find it useful considering that they can only use it if they have their phone with them? Guess what, we’ve got news for you! This holiday season you can surprise them with an amazing smartWatch for iOS and Android that is completely independent of any phone. As the name suggests, it does work with iOS and Android phones but you can also use it separately, using a micro Sim-Card.

You don’t have to miss a call if you have your hands full anymore as the smartwatch allows you to answer them directly phone the gadget. You can do this using the watch itself or through Bluetooth. This gift is perfect for people who love to go jogging in the park, athletes, or simply busy friends who often have their hands full. 

The watch allows you to receive and send texts, use your phonebook, access your call log, and even tap your music. You can use a calendar, call reminder, pedometer, sleep monitor, and anti-lost tracker. All of this makes it the perfect jewellery-gadget gift for the holidays. 

Selfie Camera Light

In today’s highly digital world, who doesn’t love taking selfies? Selfies have become so popular that they are no longer attract only teenagers and the younger generation. They’ve slowly become the new way of recording moments and sharing your experiences with the world. And guess what, good photos are all about the lighting. 

Our perfect selfie camera light is another cool gadget that we think your friends or better half will absolutely love this holiday season. This gift is also perfect for people who spend a lot of time on social media, have their own blogs, or are established, vloggers. However, it is also suitable for those whose hobbies or careers aren’t exactly related to photography. The selfie camera light can help influencers become even more popular thanks to the amazing photos that they share but can also help ordinary people enjoy capturing beautiful moments. 

Although the name of this gadget includes the word “selfie”, don’t let this confuse you. This product can be used to improve the quality of any shot you take and it’s perfectly suited for a wide range of settings. 

Portable Nano-Air Humidifier Diffuser 

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries by people around the world with the aim of reducing stress, strengthening the immune system and, well, simply relaxing. One of the best gifts that you can give to someone you care about is a portable nano-air humidifier diffuser. It is a great gadget to have by your side if you’re looking to freshen up a room and say goodbye to all of the negative energy and feelings. 

The humidifier diffuser can be used with any essential oil or fragrance that you choose. They are great for the mind and body thanks to their antiviral and antifungal properties. To use it, all you have to do is add water and watch as the gadget releases natural oils into the air. It will also moisturize the air while improving the overall smell of your interior. Its portability makes it easy to reposition in different rooms and areas in the house. 

You can add an additional layer of festivity by picking out essential oils to go along with the gift. Why not go for scents that are typical for the winter season, such as apple, cinnamon, and orange? To makes things even more exciting, use dried orange peels and cinnamon sticks for your packaging when wrapping up the gift. 

Night Vision Glasses

Night vision glasses are next up on the list. Although they’re not usually considered as a top holiday gift by most people, they are extremely practical and the best part is that they’re not normally in the shopping list of most people. The reality is that they can be a real lifesaver. 

During the winter months, it gets dark earlier during the day in a lot of parts in the world. Driving in the dark can be a bit frightening for younger drivers or people with eye problems. To make things worse, lights from the cars passing by additionally put stress on the eyes and make it difficult to stay focused on the road. For this reason, a lot of people avoid driving when it’s dark, which significantly limits their freedom and flexibility during these hours. 

This season, you can change things around for a friend or family member with a similar problem thanks to the tac night vision glasses. They are specifically designed to improve and strengthen your eyesight when lights are low. This technology has been tested and has been created to fit the requirements of the military forces, making it extremely reliable. They are durable and will keep you safe and focused while driving regardless of the natural light outside. They will also protect your eyes and prevent tiring, which is especially important if you’re about to go on a long ride during the night. 

It’s time to pick and choose

The gadgets that we’ve shared with you so far are just some of the amazing ideas that we have for gift shopping. Depending on your friends’ or family member’s gender, age, and lifestyle, you could choose from a ton of other cool presents. The important part is that there is always something special and unique in our offering that perfectly suits your search. 

We hope you’ve found our gift ideas useful and interesting. Even if you haven’t found the perfect gift gadget here, maybe we’ve sparked a light and given you another idea that you can search for. Although there’s still plenty of time before Christmas, we’ll start preparing early on ourselves. Enjoy!


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