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Holiday Gifts for Female Athletes 

holiday gifts for athlete active women

If you have to shop for a woman, the easiest way to do it is to rely on her hobbies. Certainly, there are tons of gadgets related to her hobby that she would love to have and you only need to track down the best for her.

If you have a female friend who is an athlete, the winter holidays are a perfect time to make her an interesting and perhaps somewhat unusual gift. While it is normal to buy presents that feature sports attire such as jogging shoes, leggings, and t-shirts or training gear, it will be smart to purchase something that is sport-related but also helps restore the energy after training.

It is a good idea to know what you can find in your friend’s gym bag or which are the healthy nutrition tips a female athlete needs to follow, for example, and choose a present that is related to any of these ideas.

What’s to be found in the gym bag of an athlete ?

Checking your friend’s gym bag can inspire you what is the most suitable gift for her. What you can usually find in a gym bag is:

  • Clothing suitable for exercise
  • Sports shoes and socks
  • A water bottle
  • iPod, MP3 Player or simply a set of headphones attached to the smartphone
  • Energy bars
  • Personal hygiene items

While the items may vary, these are the most common that you can draw ideas from for your holiday surprise.

Which are the best gifts for female athletes ?

Note, that most of us say goodbye to the gym or cease running during the winter season when the Christmas holidays draw near, while passionate athletes just adjust their routine to the cold weather. So, here are a few types of gifts that you can choose for your female friend in case she loves to exercise:

  • Warm attire

There are special clothes that keep runners and cyclists warm in the winter. You can surprise your friend by buying her such an item. One smart choice is a fleece hat that has a special hole for her ponytail. Thus, it combines comfort with feeling warm. Besides, this a bit unusual item, and there is a chance she doesn’t have it. It is one of those things that you keep wanting but always postponing for later.

  • Comfy shoes

Gift her the best shoes suitable for the sport she practices. Make sure that you know her size and colors she likes so that you can choose the perfect match.

  • Smart gadgets 

Every athlete likes to measure their performance while training. Most of them also prefer listening to music. Therefore, buying a smart gadget for your friend is a smart move this holiday season. Make sure to select something that also looks nice or matches her attire, for example. Your friend will definitely value the effort.

  • Injury preventing items 

Taking care of their health is a priority of any athlete. Therefore, a gift that helps them prevent injuries or relax after a training is more than welcome. If you choose to gift a knee brace, make sure to research which one is suitable for the sport your friend practices or simply buy her a new and improved version of the one, she already uses and needs replacement.

  • Funny sport-related items

A T-shirt with a funny inscription or picture, a key-holder or any other item that is not directly related to sport but clearly shows the preferences of its owner is a great holiday gift.

Here are a few suggestions that you can find on our website. Some of them come at a great price, so do not hesitate to get the best holiday gift for your friend now.

Here are our best reviewed gift ideas for athletes

Painless Knee Support Brace

Active athletes suffer from knee pain as a result of injury, surgery or simply from overloading their knees. There is an easy way to relieve the pain by using our painless knee support brace. It makes a great holiday gift for your female friend in case she trains actively since the brace comes in five colors and three sizes. You can order a gentle pink or cheery orange if these are the shades she prefers or stick to the neutral grey. The best functions of this comfortable and lightweight brace are the controlled compression it offers for the joint and the pressure relief of the patella. Thus you:

  • Regain your activity
  • Delay surgery in the event of no serious injuries
  • Enjoy decreased pain symptoms
  • Have an improved knee joint function

The knee support brace is suitable for a great variety of sports – running, football, basketball, hiking, training in the gym and even helps with the execution of your daily activities at home. It is a great gift for an active woman who wants to say goodbye to knee pain and enjoy life to its fullest even in the winter season.

You can also opt for an alternative like our advanced knee support brace, which is also suited for any sport or hobby. It comes in three colors and four sizes and offers better and faster result because of its unique features, including the perfect combination of shape and function.

Tourmaline Self Heating Knee Pads

The Tourmaline Self Heating Knee Pads are a terrific way to keep knee pain away and are perfect for the cold weather. Heat is recommended to relieve pain in tendons, joints or bones and the magnets enhance the overall effect. It is great for a gift since one size fits all knees because of the strong and durable velcro strips. It is made of super comfortable therapy fabric that makes wearing the knee pads a unique and pleasurable experience. Enjoy your very own true magnetic therapy along with a self-heating effect and feel the pain relief you deserve.

This gift is a clear sign that you want to support your girlfriend on her path to health and overall well-being. The knee pads are great for athletes but not only, so you can get yourself a matching pair too.

Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks

The Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks are specifically developed for runners, hikers and sports enthusiasts in general. So, if your girlfriend is one of them and often complains from stressed and aching feet, here is a gorgeous holiday gift to show that you care and support her in her hobby. The compression socks provide medical grade orthopedic support because of their 7 different compression zones, and 3 different levels of compression.

The best thing is that these socks can be worn with or without a normal sock and fit in any shoe. They help regeneration after training and provide better blood circulation. They work for any kind of foot pain and the results are noticeable from the very first day.

If you want to help your friend stay in shape during the winter season, you can help with relieving her pain by choosing the right product for her. If you want to add warmth to the protection the compression socks offer, you can opt for the Professional Calf Compression Socks offered in our online store. They come in two sizes and four lovely colors, including a very sweet and girly pink. The calf compression socks are anatomically designed to target the feet and calves and offer advanced pain management for active people. They enhance your sports performance and recovery afterward by providing relief from fatigue and pain and reducing swelling and long-term overuse injuries.

The third option in this category aims to make putting compression socks much easier without compromising their efficacy. The Zip Compression Socks are a stylish accessory that relieves pain and increases blood circulation. They are suitable for the winter season as you can wear them under your clothes and no one can notice them. The zip technology offers maximum comfort and makes them the perfect compression sleeve for travel, sports, work, or home. The toe-less design fits every size foot and makes them a great gift option.

Professional Running Sport Socks

Any athlete would love a pair of Professional Running Sports Socks that offer more comfort during training along with the perfect support and protection of their feet. These high-performance sports socks are a great gift for runners, hikers, basketball players, track and field athletes, athletes in gyms or cross-fit lovers because of the innovative technology used in their design. They keep feet at the right temperature at all times and the Diamond Air Ventilation systems helps your feet stay dry while you exercise.

The high-tech running socks are made of supreme materials that guarantee longevity and maximum comfort during running or workout sessions. A pair of socks is a sentimental winter gift and yours will come right to the point if your girlfriend is a true athlete regardless of the sports activity she prefers.

Sauna Shaper Shirt for Women

As an active athlete, your girlfriend will fall in love with this Sauna Shaper Shirt for Women. Designed to combine the benefits of activewear and shapewear, this shirt is a perfect gift for a lady who wants to stay in shape and get better and faster results. Just choose the right size from the six that we offer, and wrap it in a holiday packing and voila – your winter gift is ready.

The special fabric of the shirt allows you to sweat 3-5 times more but you stay dry and comfortable. You can wear the shirt all day long and it is perfect for an active workout and for a casual stroll in the park. In addition to the sauna effect, it also shapes your body for a better look and feel.

Our high-quality sauna shaper shirt will make you feel healthier and not only by losing weight but also by taking care of your skin, which will look much younger and feel softer. The Sauna Shaper Belt for Women is an alternative option for a winter gift. The belt has identical features and qualities as the sauna shaper shirt. It helps you feel and look better and is suited for activities such as running, cycling, gym workout and yoga. You can wear it all day long and feel the results.

Magic Neon Leggings

The Magic Neon Leggings are the perfect gift for those female athletes who do not want to say goodbye to summer fun even in the colder months. They are made of high-quality Spandex Blend material neon light up stripes that glow in the dark. The leggings are comfortable and light to wear and are suited for a great variety of sports activities such as Yoga, going to the gym, running, cycling, fitness, basketball, and indoor activities.

Get your friend a pair of fancy pants that are great to wear and give the body the right shape due to the super-flattering high waisted fit.

ProCircle Deep Tissue Massage Ball

The ProCircle Deep Tissue Massage Ball is specifically designed for professional athletes and helps their regeneration. It is a perfect replacement of a therapist in case of stiff muscles and back pain. The ball is easy to be used for self-massage and with a friend. It helps blood flow and reduces swelling. The massage ball is made of skin-friendly materials and can be used to massage your back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders etc.

It is a great gift for an active athlete that can be used at home during the holidays. Because of its size, you can also easily pack it for your next holiday trip.

Foot Reflexology Massage Mat

Foot Reflexology Massage Mat is designed to help any person feel better and reduce pain related to plantar fasciitis, heels, arches and foot tingling. It is also a great option for athletes to relax at home after a workout. The mat gently massages heels, arches, pad, and toes and sends pain relieving signals through all body parts. Reflexology is a technology for stimulating nerves and all kind of body parts just by touching and massaging the corresponding zone under the feet, practiced in Asian regions of the world. Now, you can make it a perfect gift for the holiday season and provide comfort, energy, and wellness to your whole body and soul.

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