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Is a Smartphone Case Necessary?

is a smartphone case necessary

Mobile devices and smartphones, in particular, have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. We use them to connect with friends, take pictures, browse the web, play games or simply have fun. We simply cannot imagine our lives without them but quite often we are a bit careless. 

Do you know that about 33% of all smartphones get lost or broken annually? According to a report, 31% of Americans have broken one phone last year, while 22% have broken 3 or more! When we add the number of stolen phones, we can say that almost every second smartphone owner had faced issues with their device.

One of the biggest reported problems comes from scratches on the screen or a completely shuttered screen, followed by damage caused by spilling a drink over the phone. A great percentage of smartphone users have damaged their device by dropping it in the toilet as well. Kids playing on a smartphone are also a potential danger as they can drop it or try to test its durability in many creative ways.

On top of that, smartphones tend to get even more complicated and expensive devices and a repair can cost hundreds of dollars. As this is a significant investment, it is really worth thinking how to better protect it. A case or even a screen protector may enhance the longevity of your smartphone but some people argue that they just deteriorate the sleek appearance of a really good and expensive device.

If you have not decided for yourself, you can have a look at the ideas below and see if you will be in favor or against smartphone protection and which is the best option for you. 

Different types of smartphone protection

When it comes to protecting your phone, there are several options that you can choose from. Now the market offers endless possibilities on various prices so that there is something for everyone. It is not possible to say if one type of protection is a must, a luxury or just a fashionable accessory, as that will depend on the personal perception of each individual smartphone user. Still, there are three main options to protect your smartphone:

  • Screen protector

Even though most phones a scratch-resistance glass covering their screen, screen protectors are still quite popular. You can use them to protect your screen from getting dirty or from occasional drops of water, for example. The screen protector can also be applied to the back of the phone and protect it from scratches.

  • Case

The phone case is one of the best protectors that you can get as it offers protection for the entire device. It will protect your phone from breaking if you drop it. Still, keep in mind that if the fall was severe, there may be internal damage, while the outside of the phone looks perfect. In addition to scratch and shatter protection, the case will protect your camera lens and your buttons. The biggest advantage of the case is that it offers overall protection of your smartphone – screen, back, edges, and corners. The better look of your phone will also increase its resale value once you decide to part with it. 

  • Skin

Another option that offers less protection and can often be used as a fashion accessory is the skin. It will protect your phone from scratches but won’t absorb the impact if you drop it. It offers a firmer grip of the otherwise slippery phone backs. Skins are very thin and do not make your phone look bulkier or make it heavier. 

Bonus: Pop Socket 

The Pop Socket is not exactly a protective device but can serve as one. It is mainly an additional handle or kickstand but it allows you to grab your phone more securely with one hand and operate with it. In this sense, we can argue that it offers some protection by giving you a firmer grip and reducing the chance of the phone slipping to the ground. Other than that, the Pop Socket offers no further advantages in keeping your phone safe. 

Skin vs. Case – which is better?

One of the great debates for smartphone users, who have decided to use some protection for their devices is whether a case or skin is a better option. There are several arguments in favor and against both protectors and here are the main ones that you need to take into account.

  • Pros and cons of a case

The biggest advantage of the case is that it offers complete protection for your phone. It will keep your phone free from scratches, dents, dirt, and will absorb the impact if you drop it. It will offer some protection against spills but cannot protect you from all the drops, so you still need to be careful. You can also choose a case that matches your bag, outfit or current mood. It is a way to stand out and make a fashion statement.

On the negative side is that the case will change your phone’s look completely. Given that newer phones are designed to be resistant to scratches and aim to aesthetically please the user, the case simply ruins the effort behind their creation.  In addition to that, a case makes the phone look bulkier and heavier. The case is also not a universal protector – meaning that your phone can still get damaged from a drop or leakage. 

As a whole, the case is a better option for people who are clumsy and drop their phones more often. It is also recommended for people who use their phones near water quite often or have a job that may cause damage to their phones (construction workers, plumbers). If you have a kid who loves grabbing your phone and playing with it, the case may save you a lot of trouble and money. Last but not least, if you worry too much for scratches and dents and you want your smartphone to look as good as new for much longer. 

  • Pros and cons of a skin 

Vinyl skins are often preferred by users who want to retain the original design of their device or to give it a completely new look. Skin-lovers argue that big manufacturers like Apple or Samsung have invested enough to choose the right materials for their devices and to make sure that they do not break that easily. Still, a skin can protect the phone from getting dirty or from scratches. They offer a better grip and reduce the chances of your phone sliding from your hand. Skins are usually cheaper than a case and you can change them to make a fashion statement. They will not protect your phone from drops, though. As a whole, skins are suitable for users who are more careful and not prone to dropping their phones, who love to play with the look of the phone and are not keen on spending too much money on cases. 

There is no concrete answer to the question of whether to use a case or a skin for the protection of your phone. If you are obsessed with the idea of protecting your phone at any cost, the case will be the better solution. There are cases like the Ghost Glass iPhone case that will the necessary protection while being almost invisible and changing nothing to the experience of the sleek phone design.

If you look for a phone accessory that will add a personalized look to your device while offering some protection as well, then the skin is the right option for you. It won’t make your phone bulkier or heavier and you will be able to replace it as often as you like. The skin is a combination of a fashionable accessory and a scratch protector that you can enjoy. 

To case or not to case?

Still, one of the main questions that you need to answer as a smartphone user is whether you would like to cover your phone at all or you prefer to go naked (that is the phone, not you). 

There are basically three types of smartphone users: those who never wear cases, those who put on a case merely aiming to protect their phone, and the third group that uses cases as a way of personalization of their smartphones and a fashion statement. 

There are many smartphone users who are against cases, screen protectors, skins or any other additional item used to protect their phone. Those people believe that technological advancement in the design of smartphones offer sufficient protection in case you treat them properly. Newer models are made to please the eye and often their look is the final reason why you prefer one device over the other, given that all other characteristics like camera, display, operational systems are the same. Then it will be a shame to hide such a jewel in a case or change its design using a skin.

There is a significant group of smartphone users who are not that emotional about their device. They invest in proper protection that will allow them to use their phone longer. A case is a practical decision for those who keep their phones together with car keys or pens as they will protect it from scratches. A case usually offers easier maintenance of the phone and is also seen as smart protection of a significant investment as phones and repairs tend to be quite pricy as well. 

There is also the third group of users, who choose a case or a skin for their smartphone as a fashionable accessory. They would like to personalize the device while protecting it at the same time. Cases can make a smartphone look cute or magical like the Glitter Powder Silicone Case for iPhones, for example. 

There is no right or wrong approach to casing smartphones. It is up to you to decide whether to case or not to case and endure the consequences of your decision. You can try wearing your phone with or without a case for a certain period of time and see which feels better. 

Extended warranty or insurance for extra protection? 

Another form of extra smartphone protection is to purchase an extended warranty or insurance. There are pros and cons for both scenarios and the answer depends on each individual case.

If you have a history of dropping your smartphone and breaking its display, then an extended warranty may save you the money for costly repairs. It doesn’t cover loss or stealing, though.

So, if you are generally careful with your items but a bit absent-minded, it may be a good idea to insure your phone, especially if it is more expensive. 

Make sure to ask questions about what the extended warranty or the insurance offer prior to purchasing any of them. 

The choice about using cases, skins or display protectors for your smartphone is entirely yours. It depends on the phone you have chosen, the way you use it, and whether you feel emotionally attached to it. A case or a skin can be a way to stand out from the crowd and express your preferences, while taking care for your phone. Going with a naked smartphone is also a statement on its own. The choice is yours!

If you need some inspiration about your next phone-related purchase, you can browse through the phone accessories in our online shop. 


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  1. I never knew that 33% of smartphones get lost or broken annually! My husband and I have decided to get our daughter her first cell phone for her birthday. I’m a little worried about her breaking it, but hopefully we can find a cute phone case that will protect it well.

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