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Mandala Duvets: Bring the Healing Power of Mandalas to Your Home

healing power of mandalas

The interior of our home environment may be neglected by some but is, in fact, a key factor that can influence our mood, health condition, and stress levels without us even realizing. Do you remember a time when you entered a room at a friend’s house, at the office, or even in your own home, and suddenly felt anxiety or fear? Or on the contrary, do you remember a time when you were in a room that made you feel safe and connected for no apparent reason?

Well, there is an explanation behind these emotions and mysterious feelings. The objects, colors, or shapes that surround us do play a role in our lives and can help shape our personalities and moods. Some experts adopt a Feng Shui approach to home interior and follow a system to make spatial arrangements with the aim of creating harmony and a smooth flow of energy. 

Worry not, you don’t need to be a Feng Shui master or an energy guru to create a comforting, spiritually-oriented, and calm environment at home to help soothe your emotions, calm the nerves, and revitalize your strength at the end of the day. Let’s explore the power of Mandala Duvets and look at the benefits they’ll bring to you and your bedroom!

Choosing the Right Duvets

Before beginning, it’s essential to shed some light on the importance of bedroom duvets and the role they can play in shaping our mood.  If you go back to your last duvet shopping experience, chances are that you may already be familiar with how difficult it can be to choose the right set. We not only have to keep in mind the cost, size, and thickness of the duvet, but its colors, shapes, and feel to ensure that we are happy with our choice for longer. 

For starters, it’s worth considering the basic factors, which can help us make a decision. For example, search for a duvet with natural filling as this will guarantee a better insulation and will regulate the temperature better. If you are after a more affordable and lightweight option, check for synthetic alternatives. If you tend to associate the winter season with freezing nights, it may be of benefit to choosing a down-filled duvet to keep you warm while in bed. 

Size also matters in the case of duvet shopping. Make sure that you have the full dimensions of your bed to make sure the duvet will perfectly fit in size. 

The Healing Power of Mandala Duvets

Mandala duvets are a true gem and can make any room shine brighter and create a peaceful sleeping environment that will guarantee your sweet dreams and a fresh wake up in the morning. The Bohemian Mandala duvet cover set provided by Trend Baron comes in different shapes and sizes to fit a wider range of bed sizes. The spiritually themed designs of the duvet set will surely refuel your energy levels, rejuvenate your strength, and contribute to a healthy and heavenly sleeping cycle. 

Customers who have experience with Trend Baron’s Bohemian Mandala duvet cover set share their excitement of sleeping in the vibrant colors provided and the comfort of the silky-cotton touch!

To truly understand the hidden power of a mandala duvet set we would need to dig deeper into the world of Mandalas to understand them better. Although they are associated with spirituality and energy healing, you don’t need to be a yoga enthusiast or follow a certain lifestyle to be able to benefit from the power of mandalas. They are colorful, diverse, and a great fit for anybody!

Mandalas – What Are They?

Seeing a mandala for the first time can be a mesmerizing experience. These ancient and universal symbols hold deeper meaning than simply being an art piece or something beautiful to look at. The world mandala derives from the Sanskrit word for “circle”. Mandala patterns are extremely popular nowadays but have been among humanity for centuries. They can be found in Paleolithic engravings, medieval alchemy, or Tibetan Buddhism.

Depicting a circle, mandalas represent wholeness and a connection with infinity. There is a wide range of interpretations that can be associated with mandalas purely based on their round shapes. We can relate them back to the shape of the Moon, the Sun, or Earth.

 In Tibet, for instance, they are used as meditation tools and are designed and created by Buddhist monks. In Islam, mandalas are used for religious aims, while in Celtic societies, mandalas are a representation of the connection between body, mind, and spirit. The one thing that all interpretations share is that mandalas are certainly related to something mystical, sacred and universal. 

Mandalas Used in Therapy

Mandalas are known to hold the special ability to help people gain awareness of who they truly are and uncover their full potential. This is often done through the process of drawing a mandala and selecting its diverse sets of shapes, sizes, and colors. A complete mandala has a highly geometric look, as it incorporates repetitive patterns in a number of different circles. 

This form of art is extremely powerful and are even said to hold a special kind of vibrational energy that has the ability to cure.

Some therapy experts nowadays have implemented mandala drawing into the therapeutic sessions with patients with the aim of relieving stress, recovering spiritual and emotional stability, getting over difficult memories, or solving other human problems that prevent individuals from living a happy and stress-free life. 

The gorgeous geometric circles are also used as a means for strengthening the mind and can be used to increase concentration, memory, and other essential skills that are valuable in our daily lives, in communicating with others.

Experimenting with Mandalas

You can try creating a mandala on your own to test its effect on your consciousness and state of mind. The easiest way to start is on a regular piece of paper using a pencil and repeating with a market once you are finished. To make the creation of circles easier and more geometrically sound, it is advisable to use a protractor or ruler to create perfect symmetry in the lines and circles of your mandala. 

Choose a comfortable place in your home or outdoors, put on some relaxing meditative music, you can add even more touch to the creational environment with a few tea candles and start drawing! Always start with the most inner circle and create additional circles from the central one. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different shapes, figures, colors, and thickness. 

When selecting the colors that will enter your mandala, it is beneficial to be aware of the meaning behind each color, especially if you are drawing a mandala with a purpose of healing or bringing in more passion, peace, or maybe simply joy to your everyday life. Feel free to mix colors as bravely as you could imagine, there are no barriers to mandala drawing!

Here the meanings behind colors:

  • Yellow for joy and happiness
  • Orange for self-awareness and creativity
  • Red for energy, passion, and strength
  • Pink for femininity, love, and gentleness
  • Purple for mystery and spirituality
  • Violet for insight and intuition
  • Blue for healing and peace
  • Green for nature, groundedness, and connection
  • White for purity, truth, and consciousness
  • Black for shadow work and power

Creating the Perfect Bedroom 

Creating the perfect bedroom is a piece of pie if you are into mandalas and truly appreciate their beauty, power, and energy. Choose a mandala duvet set in the color that best fits your personality or is associated with the emotion or train that you desire to develop or experience. For example, if you have struggled to perform well at work recently and you find it difficult to exit this vicious circle of lacking energy, you can choose a set with the colors of red (energy) and yellow (happiness) to help you wake up feeling fresher and more energized. 

Mandalas tend to be created with a large variety of colors; you can even find mandalas drawn with every color you can think of! This is part of their infinite creative potential and is likely to help awake a range of emotions and feelings such as peace, intuition, spiritual awakening, love and kindness, strength, and many more!

Once you have selected the perfect duvet and the perfect mandala duvet set, it’s time to think about the rest of the bedroom and how you can make arrangements that will perfectly fit in with your new concept and spiritual approach to decorating. 

For instance, you can place a dreamcatcher above your bed to further help reduce the negative energy in the room and keep you away from bad dreams. If you are one of the brave readers who will set some time aside to go through the process of personally drawing a mandala, think about the best way to present this in your room! To keep the natural flow of energy going through the bedroom, place the handmade mandala in a wooden frame and bravely hang in on the wall near the bed. 

A mandala hanging on the wall can serve as protection from negative energy and unwelcomed emotions of anger, hatred, or depression. The mandala has the ability to clear the surroundings and bring balance and peace in your inner world, which can then be projected outside, in the relations with your friends and family. 

Incorporating Mandalas in Other Parts of Your Home

If you feel that mandalas are working wonders for you or you simply love their authentic, symmetric, and colorful look, don’t hesitate to explore other methods of decorating your home using the vibrant colors!

For example, try placing mandala pillows on your sofa in the living room, the most social place in the house, where guests are usually greeted. You can share their healing power with your friends and arrange mandala drawing nights to help relieve the mind! You can also use mandalas in the kitchen area by placing a few mandala tiles on the wall behind the kitchen counter or near the refrigerator to add a new touch to your home décor! 

The use of mandala is very powerful but you certainly don’t have to have an exact lifestyle or complete understanding of their nature in order to benefit from them. Simply trust your instinct when choosing the right mandala or mandala duvet and let a whole new world of inner connection and universal love enter your mind. Allow the perfect dreams to come to visit you at night thanks to your vibrant mandala duvet!


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