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Pain-Relieving and Restoring Products Your Feet and Legs Will Thank You for

pain relief products

Many people suffer from some form of condition or pain in their feet, knees, legs or lower back. The pain and discomfort may prevent you from leading the active life you are used to or even do the simplest everyday activities. There are certain products that can help you lead a healthy life and overcome the most common causes of pain and discomfort in feet, legs or knees.

Using the appropriate support is often critical for the health of your feet and legs and for the good positioning of your body. You can choose special insoles that can help you be more active or counter the effects of standing up all day long. You can opt for compression socks to improve your blood circulation or knee braces that can help you run without pain and discomfort. A good foot massage or a reflexology treatment can work wonders with your overall health as long as you are aware of the option. 

Pain-relieving knee products

Knee-pain can prevent you from doing even the simplest exercise or leading a normal life. Knee-pain can be caused by various conditions, some of which are quite serious and need specific medical treatment and even surgery. In some cases, though, knee pain can be the result of worse weather conditions or overworking. If you feel discomfort for a longer period of time and some of the methods such as relax, cold and warm treatment or additional knee support do not work, it is recommended to visit a doctor. 

A health expert will be able to tell you what causes the discomfort and pain in your knees and recommend the right approach for your individual case. Quite often, a knee brace may be part of the solution.

There are various types of knee braces depending on their purpose – to offer additional support or to relieve pain. We differentiate between four types of braces:

1. Functional braces

provide additional stability and are often used after a knee injury. They are mainly used by athletes who have suffered an injury but it has already healed.

2. Prophylactic braces

protect the knee especially during contact sports such as football or basketball. They are quite popular among athletes in these sports.

3. Rehabilitative braces

protect the knee and limit its movement after a major injury or surgery. They help the knee heal by limiting side-to-side and up-and-down movement.

4. Unloader braces

are specifically made to relieve pain and are recommended for people who suffer from arthritis. They are personally made to fit the knee of the person and limit side movement. Their aim is to shift the weight from the affected area to a stronger part of the knee. 

Depending on their functions, knee braces can be either prescribed by a doctor and custom-made or bought in a shop or offered online. In our online shop, you can find different products that can help you with knee pain and allow you to do your daily activities without discomfort. You can choose between:

The best 3 knee braces of 2019 reviewed

Painless Knee Support Brace

The painless knee support brace is comfortable and lightweight and can help you reduce pain and discomfort caused by various conditions. It is designed in a way to help you regain activity and improve your knee joint function. The brace can be worn during sports activities like running, football, in the gym or while doing your everyday activities. It offers support and stability by exercising controlled compression throughout the joint. 

The braces are made of highly elastic fabric so you can put them on and off easily. They also feature anti-skid silicone, which makes sure that they stay in place no matter how active you are. 

Advanced knee support brace

The advanced knee support brace is specifically designed to support and stabilize week and painful knees. It is made of an anatomically and biomechanically contoured knit and integral, ring-shaped, functional disco-elastic cushion, called the Omega pad. The specific material allows the brace to adapt to the movement of the knee and causes no irritation. The brace is breathable and extremely comfortable. It features 6 unique structures that help the knee function at its best.

The advanced knee support brace is suitable for all types of sports, hobbies, and activities. It provides quick and targeted pain relief and stimulates the musculature and skin receptors to provide long-term health benefits for your knees. You can use it if your knee is swollen, painful or recovering from injury. 

Tourmaline Self-Heating Knee Pads

The tourmaline self-heating knee pads are suitable for people who suffer from conditions like arthritis, rheumatism or muscle stiffness. They help ease the pain because of the unique features each pad combines. The knee pads provide support and rest for the knee and help your tendons and joints stay aligned. The tourmaline fibers and magnets offer a true magnet therapy experience.

The self-heating pads are sold as a pair and they come in one size. Due to the Velcro strips, they can be adjusted to fit your knee perfectly. The fabric is extra comfortable and you hardly notice that you are wearing anything. The pads feature sufficient tourmaline magnets that help alleviate pain and keep your bioenergetic field in balance. 

Benefits of the compression socks, sports socks, and ankle braces

In order to reduce pain in your feet and legs, you can also use compression, which stimulates blood circulation and helps you feel much better. Athletes often choose special compression or sports socks that provide extra comfort while being active.

Some of the products that can help you stay healthy and continue your activity include compression socks, sports socks, and ankle braces. Here are a few examples that you can try if you have pain in your heels, ankles or Achilles.

Zip Compression Socks

The zip compression socks are quick and convenient to wear due to the new zip technology. The socks alleviate pain and help with swollen legs as a result of standing up the whole day. They increase blood circulation and thus provide instant relief. The socks are invisible under clothing and can be worn with any type of shoe. They are made from a breathable nylon and spandex blend and help you regain comfort by preventing swelling and fluid retention. 

Professional Calf Compression Socks

The professional calf compression socks are anatomically designed to help with a series of conditions and offer relief from fatigue and pain. The compression zones protect the feet and the calves and offer relief for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arch pain, heel spurs or varicose veins.

The professional calf compression socks are ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts but also help if you need to stand or sit all day or travel a lot. It is one of the best remedies for swollen, tired, and aching legs. 

Heel, Ankle & Achilles Pain Management Socks

If you are an athlete, nurse, waitress or someone, whose job requires them to stand or walk through most of the day, the Heel, Ankle & Achilles Pain Management Socks are made for you. Their unique design provides extra support to your heels, tendons, and ankles with targeted compression support. The socks have additional foot pads for toes and ball of the foot. Because of their technology, they offer instant relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and arch pain.

The socks are also made of special fabric that doesn’t allow the absorption of moisture and thus offers maximum antibacterial comfort. The socks are perfect for all types of sports, running, and walking. 

Professional Running Sport Socks

No matter if running is your job or simply a hobby, these professional running sport socks are a perfect investment. These high-performance sports socks will provide extra comfort for your feet by reducing pressure points and slipping. Their unique fabric will keep your feet at the perfect temperature at all times and let them stay dry because of the special Diamond Air Ventilation System.

If you are a runner, jogger, hiker or field athlete, you will find the professional running sports socks ideal for each workout session. 

Extreme Ankle Brace

The extreme ankle brace is the perfect way to support your ankles. It is engineered and designed together with athletes and allows you to keep your active lifestyle. It has an adjustable strap to fit all ankles and is made of 3D knit technology to offer maximum comfort and be breathable. 

The extreme ankle braces offer premium compression and activate the blood flow to relieve pain and provide more support. Using the taping strap, each user can decide on the level of compression, pressure, and stabilization provided by the brace.  The better blood circulation and fewer muscle vibrations lead to improved confidence and reduced injury rates.

The best insoles for active people

Choosing the right insoles can help you stay active and improve your posture and overall health condition. There are various types of insoles on the market that are made of different material and serve various purposes. Some are meant to offer arch support, others provide extra cushioning and comfort, while cork insoles, for example, absorb shock. 

In order to select the right insole, you need to be aware if you have a neutral, low or high arch and get an insole that matches your arch. Insoles offer support and stability not only to athletes but also to people who need to spend long hours standing or walking. Here are a few types that can help you stay healthy and active:

Total Support Orthotic Insoles

The total support orthotic insoles are a great solution for people with sensitive feet and can help alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spur, tendonitis, arthritis or diabetes. They reduce the pressure on the bottom of the foot and provide excellent support for flat feet.

Because of their deep heel cups padded with gel, these orthotic insoles offer more comfort and extra support and help you stay active by reducing foot, leg, knee, and back pain.

Honeycomb ActivGel Insoles

The honeycomb ActivGel insoles use special technology to provide maximum comfort and support for your feet. The insoles are designed for everyday use and help with pain relief and prevention. Their honeycomb design offers perfect ventilation and air cooling for your feet.

The insoles are made from medical-grade silicone gel and are superelastic and durable. They can be used for sports and daily activities and fit well in different types of shoes so you can wear them even on special occasions. 

Plantar Fasciitis Foam Insoles

The plantar fasciitis foam insoles are designed to specifically target this condition that prevents you from standing and walking because of the pain. The insoles reduce the pressure on the plantar fascia, soles, and heels and thus relieve pain.

These insoles are designed by professional podiatrists and physiotherapists with the aim to make standing and walking feel good again. They are suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis but can also be worn by anyone who is not suffering from foot pain. For better results, you can combine the insoles with the pain relief foot compression socks. 

Health Control Massage Insoles

The health control massage insoles are designed to provide extra comfort for people who experience discomfort or pain in their feet, legs, neck or neck but cannot stop their work and relax efficiently. The insoles massage key pressure points with any step that you take and you feel energized.

The massage insoles help relieve pain and muscle fatigue, enhance energy and can help with weight loss since they allow you to stay active for a longer period of time. The insoles also feature built-in magnets that have a positive effect on your overall health. 

Reflexology treatment for your feet, legs, and entire body 

In order to enhance the effect of the foot and leg products described above, you can also give your feet a special holistic treatment called reflexology. You can visit a reflexologist who can help you get rid of the pain you feel and improve your overall mood and health condition. 

You can also enjoy the positive effects of this therapy at home with the help of the foot reflexology massage mat. All you need to do is stand barefooted on the mat and let it do its magic. It is designed to provide sufficient pressure to the important reflex points in your feet that correspond to vital organs in your body. You will feel energized and ready to meet the challenges of the day.

These are a few products that your feet, knees, and legs will be thankful for. They are specifically designed to provide extra support, offer more comfort, and alleviate pain so that you can continue with your normal daily routine no matter if you are an active athlete or you simply need to finish your daily chores.


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  1. Am seriously having this problem and I don’t know what to do,I visited one of the health facility but I was told it is lack of iron, it continued up to date,could it be the working environment,currently am using the safety shoe’s because of the machines am operating,how will you advice me on this.

  2. I suffer from sore heels and ankles especially at the back of the heel. Can u recommend any treatment or offer advice on what to do. I’ve had it for the better part of 30 yrs now and I feel it’s getting worse and more debilitating.
    Amiena Kibar

  3. Such a great article you had posted. I think that would help me a lot to choose the best pain relief product. Thanks for sharing this post. It works well for me. Keep posting like this. Good wishes…

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