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Sports Which Are Good for Your Joints (Including Walking)

sports good for joints

Regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or an ordinary person who enjoys sports activities, movement is an essential part of our daily lives. There are numerous articles and documentaries published around the world that show the importance of regular exercise and the ways, in which it helps us maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have all felt the joy and replenishment gained from a workout in the gym, a jog in the park, or a friendly match on the soccer field with friends. Physical activity is known to improve the overall condition of the body and mind, relieve stress, improve blood circulation in the body, and have other positive impacts on our well-being.

However, there may be restrictions on sports activities that our bodies impose on us. Most sports involve a high amount of pressure put on different parts of the body, mainly the joints, in areas such as the knees, for example. If you suffer from weak joints but love participating in sports you may have already done a bit of research to see how your favorite activities influence your body condition. Chances are that you have found articles on the types of sports that you should not get involved in as they may cause severe pain or may worsen your condition. Although this can be true, especially if suggested by a professional, worry not, there are a number of sports that you can play even if you have problems with the joints. 

In this article, we will examine a few causes of joint problems or pain and suggest a list of sports that you can still play as they are easy on the joints.

What Are the Joints and How Can They Be Damaged?

The joints are the parts of the body that serve as bridges to the bones, forming a connection and offering support that helps your body move. Damage to the joints can be a result of extensive activities that put repetitive pressure on a particular joint, wearing them out. It can also stem from a poor diet with no vegetables or ingredients that lubricate the joints.

 Athletes who have suffered injuries may have caused damage to the joints, even if the major It can also be a reflection of serious conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, and others. 

Join pain is one of the common complaints from the patient and is extremely popular in most parts of the world. Some of the top joint complaints are related to knee pain but can affect the ankles, shoulders, hips, feet, or hands. 

Joint injuries or pain in the joint area may be cured by proper dieting, medications, or surgery in severe cases. However, in cases where the pain is moderate but constant, people relieve the discomfort through the use of medical accessories such as compression socks or knee support braces. Add-ons such as the knee support braces can significantly improve knee joint functions while exercising or performing everyday tasks such as walking or sitting down. They are also popular for improving the overall condition of the joints if they have not been seriously damaged or worn out. 

Although these accessories may be of help when it comes to joint pain, chances are that if you indulge in sports which are known for harming the joints you will still experience pain and probably contribute to the further development of your condition.

Low Impact Sports for Weak Joints

So from the provided information above, we can see that it is by no chance rare to have experienced joint pain and to have felt uncomfortable moving or participating in sports. The good news is that this certainly does not mean that your physical activities should be put to an end and the only alternative is to focus on a calmer lifestyle.  


An enjoyable, challenging, and healthy sport, especially advisable for people who suffer from joint pain, is swimming. Swimming puts almost no pressure on the joints while at the same time stimulates the muscles and the lungs. A lot of muscle work is required in order to move the body across the water in different patterns or body movements, depending on the swimming style chosen by the individual.

Swimming is a great full body workout and is certainly easy on the joints. No weight is put on the joints or other parts of the body as the water fully supports the bodyweight while in motion. Despite swimming being a suitable sports activity for those who suffer from joint problems, you should carefully choose the swimming strike and techniques. 

For instance, one of the most popular swimming strokes, the breaststroke, can pose a threat to the knees as it involves a leg kick, which may harm the knees to some extent. On the other hand, strokes such as the front crawl or backstroke are extremely suitable and put no stress on the joints. 


If you think that Yoga is not considered a sport, you should try it yourself. Although it is not as dynamic and aggressive as other popular activities. Yoga is particularly beneficial for the joints as it requires a number of movements that help strengthen and stabilize the muscles surrounding the joint but don’t put stress on the actual joints. 

There are a diverse set of yoga styles that include different postures and movements. Some of them are more internally oriented towards the mind and soul, while others focus on quick movements from pose to pose. Yoga practices can also be stimulating for the muscles and the heart.


Although cycling may seem like an activity that involves the joints to a great extent, in fact, it works on the heart and lungs, in addition to the leg muscles but has a low impact on the joints of the body. This is mainly because the movement itself is smooth and the pressure is absorbed by the pedals. 

However, make sure that if cycling will be your choice, your back is strong and you don’t suffer from back pain. While cycling, the athlete usually has to take a specific pose with their back leaning forwards, especially if the aim is to develop a high cycling speed. If your back is strong, certainly try cycling as a sport that will help you develop your leg muscles while keeping the knees and joints safe.

Roller Blading

Similarly to cycling, rollerblading is another sport that is on the list of activities, which are easy on the joints. Aerobic in nature, rollerblading will workout the muscles while stimulating the heart and lungs. Again, the motions and movements are smooth and pose no threat to your joints. This exercise can be extremely fun if organized with the family or group of friends. You can try using a knee brace or compression socks to help the knees perform better.


Rowing can be either a relaxing or quite challenging endeavor, depending on the ultimate goal of the participants. You can arrange a rowing session at the gym or go outdoors to enjoy the pluses of the natural water at a lake near your area or a river. Rowing has absolutely no impact on the joints as it is an activity that requires you to maintain a position of sitting down throughout the whole process. 

Don’t underestimate rowing as, despite its requirement to remain sitting at all times, it is extremely aerobic and necessitates a lot of upper body movement. 

Horse Riding

Another fun and challenging sport that is suitable for our list is horse riding. If you have tried this activity you will be familiar with the muscle pain that follows, even if you only spent 30 minutes on the horse. Horse riding puts great pressure on the muscles and develops your legs, torso, and arms. In order to be in control of the horse, you need to use both the upper and lower body parts, requiring a lot of strength.

The good news is that the joints are left out of the picture and there is no unnecessary stress or pressure put on them while horse riding. 

Cross Trainer

If you are a fan of going to the gym and like to spend time on physical activity machines, then the cross trainer is a must try! The cross trainer will avoid influencing the joints and will instead offer a full body workout that will absolutely help you get the perfect body that you are after! It will also help you maintain a good overall health condition as it is considered a cardio workout that trains the heart and different body muscles.

You can either separate the use of arms and legs or use both simultaneously, depending on the effect that you are seeking. 


Now, this may not be your standard exercise that first comes to mind when you think about the ways you want to release energy. However, golf is a popular and useful activity to indulge in, both from a physical and mental point of view. 

This sport is both relaxing and demanding at the same time, turning it into an attractive and interesting activity! Even if you are suffering from a condition related to harmed joints or are experiencing joint pain, you can practice golf without any restriction. 

Gold is characterized by walking on grass and using the upper part of the body for the swings. It can be turned into a highly competitive game when played with a partner or in a team, but can also be used to release some steam gathered from our daily lives by playing solo in silence and harmony.


Last but not least, you can simply make a habit of going for long walks in the mornings or evenings. Yes, walking does put pressure on your legs and feet as they support your body weight but the joints remain unstressed. In comparison to running, walking is a suitable option for people with joint problems. Depending on the level of pain and the condition that you may be suffering from, walking can be your main source of burning calories. 

We hope that this list of sports that are easy on the joints comes to use and opens up a new horizon for staying fit, healthy, and happy! However, we must note that it’s a good idea to arrange a consultation with a medical professional to see what the condition of your joints is if you are experiencing discomfort and have a conversation about the recommended sports for your situation

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