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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Showerhead

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Although purchasing a new shower head for the bathroom is considered a simple and easy task, you might be surprised to find out how much choice there really is. And while most people wrongly assume that the type of showerhead doesn’t really make a difference for your body and mind, it truly does. Deciding to go shopping for a showerhead unprepared may not be the best idea as you’re likely to find yourself overwhelmed and in the middle of a crossroad.

In this article, we’re here to support you and share all the things you need to consider before buying the ultimate shower head. We’ll go over the types of showerheads available for purchase, the pressure you should be looking for, filtration features, spray types, and more. This appliance is commonly neglected and people don’t usually pay much attention to it until it is broken or damaged, calling for a new one. However, you’ll soon notice that it’s an essential part of our lives and deserves some extra attention.

Types of showerheads on the market

The first thing that it’s worth exploring is the different types of showerheads available for purchase in stores and online. Depending on the country you live in, there will be a different size standard for connecting it to the elbow. In the USA, this standard is ½ inch NPT. This means that the majority of showerheads are already sold in the right size and you don’t have to fret about the sizing.

However, when it comes to types of showerheads, the size is not the only thing that matters. There is a range of alternatives that you may want to test before buying one for your home. Let’s look at some of the most preferred types of showerheads.

Rainfall Shower Heads

A rainfall or rain shower head proves a bathing experience similar to that in a waterfall. It‘s an amazing way to pamper yourself on a daily basis. This product can be attached to mount from the wall or your bathroom ceiling and its size ranges, depending on your preferences. You can cut the costs of having this type of showerhead by making use of an overhead shower arm. The type of spray is also up to you and you can choose from multi-functional or concentrated.

Wall Mount Shower Heads

This type of product is both very affordable and ergonomic. It is extremely simple to clean and maintain, flexible, and preferred by many. It’s directly connected to the shower elbow, meaning that there’s no complex installation process involved. However, don’t confuse easy and simplicity with lack of luxury. You can certainly opt for a top-notch experience by going for a multi-functioning wall mount shower, allowing you to choose the pattern of water spray you would prefer.

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Hand-held Shower Head

This flexible solution is also another option that’s easy to use and budget-friendly. It’s also a preferable choice if you have pets or children who require your help with bath time. They’re directly attached to the hose and installed on the shower elbow. You may get a multifunctional hand-held shower head which allows you to use it both hand-held and as a conventional head.

Filtered Shower Heads

This type of product is perhaps one of our all-time favorites. It’s ideal for areas with a high concentration of chemicals and chlorine in the water. If you’re based in a location with these water problems, then a standard water head will not be enough to help filtrate the water and keep you safe. A good filtered shower head will eliminate any chlorine, minerals, sulfur, and bacteria from the water.

Dual Shower Head

If you want to enjoy the benefits for both a rain shower head and a hand-held shower head, this dual option is the best one for you. It successfully and conveniently combines both shower heads in a single unit. This means that the water will be coming out from two separate units at once. It’s certainly a different experience that’s worth exploring if you still haven’t tried it.

Showerhead pressure

One of the most common problems that arise in the shower is the water pressure. Different homes will have a different level of water pressure and if you choose a showerhead that’s not appropriate for the pressure you have, then water won’t have enough strength to fall consistently. You should check the psi that your chosen shower head requires for its flow. The common standard is between 40 and 60 psi but you should double-check by checking your home’s water pressure before making any decisions.

Chlorine filtration

We already touched upon the topic of chlorine and the necessity for filtration. Water often carries significant levels of chlorine and other bacteria that should not reach the body’s skin if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For instance, if you expose your body to too much chlorine, you could suffer from lung irritation, skin damage, eye infections, and even asthma. It’s certainly not a substance you want to have too much access too.

This is why it’s essential to choose a shower head that is capable of filtrating the water and bringing your way a clean and sanitized product. By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy purified water.

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Different types of spray

The next factor that is important for making your showering experience pleasant and high-quality is the type of spray the shower head produces. If you’ve visited a number of hotels or have travelled a lot, you’ve most likely noticed some of the different kinds of spray in the shower. They are mostly responsible for the experience that we get. The majority of products offer a few different settings so you can adjust the spray and enjoy different water falls depending on your mood. Some of the basic spray settings that are often preferred by many include:

·         Wide Spray – In most cases, this is the most basic and default spray setting. Every nozzle is responsible for dropping water at a consistent rate and at the same speed.

·         Pulsating Spray – The nozzles take turns shooting water in different patterns. This is certainly an interesting showering experience.

·         Targeted Spray – The water is shot out harder than usual and not all nozzles are active.

·         Rinse Spray – The central nozzles are responsible for the water drop and the setting is ideal for soaking.


Next up is one of the most important factors – energy consumption. After all, regardless of our financial stability, it always feels good to know that we’ve saved up on monthly utility bills. Apart from the different types of measures you can take to ensure your energy costs are cut, choosing the right showerhead can also play a vital role.

Showerheads that require more water pressure are usually those that demand more energy. If you want to cut your costs down, simply find a shower head that has a WaterSense label. This is a program sponsored by the EPA and is designed to support people in finding products that are water-efficient. There are certain criteria that showerheads must cover in order to be approved by the EPA. One of those criteria is for the product to use no more than 2.0 gpm.

Visual aspects

Let’s not forget about the visual appeal of the showerhead. It is an important element in the bathroom and can completely change the overall look and feel of your interior when it comes to that special room for relaxation and clean up. Regardless of your choice of shower head regarding the type, spray, and filtration, it’s also important for you to actually like it. Don’t make any compromises as shower heads are not among the products at home that you change often. Once installed, you’re likely to live with it for a few years and life will be much easier if you enjoy looking at your shower head.

Discover your preferred shower head

We’ve come to the end of our guide to choosing a showerhead. As you can see, the process of buying a new one is much more complex than you’ve probably ever imagined. There are a lot of factors to consider in order to ensure you’re buying the perfect product for you. We hope that the information we’ve provided will help you make an informed decision and enjoy shower time even more than before.


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