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The Top 11 Orthotic Insoles of 2019 Reviewed

the top 11 orthotic insoles review

We are born to move and be active and according to Christopher McDougall, all of us are born to run. Foot, knee or back pain, however, can slow us down and make us feel uncomfortable even with the slightest movement. The option here is not to give up on our favorite sport or become a couch potato but on the contrary – we need to be even more active and restore our health.

Often, the reason to experience foot pain may be due to uncomfortable shoes or because of some structural peculiarities of our feet such as a high arch or flat feet. In certain occasions, the pain can be caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis or injuries that require more specific treatment and overall approach to being active.

You may be surprised that the answer to this question is selecting the right insoles depending on your foot type and condition. There are different types of insoles but if you have arch problems, podiatrists recommend orthotics as one of the best solutions to your foot pain and discomfort.

Why orthotics can help?

Orthotics are often referred to arch supports which explains their main function – to support the arch thereby providing your feet with the possibility to maintain their healthy position throughout the day regardless of the level of your activity. 

Orthotic insoles have unique features and are suitable both for athletes and workers who need to spend their whole day standing or walking. They can be used for a great variety of activities and offer the support and comfort your feet need. You need to find the right type of insoles for you and start wearing them gradually as recommended by experts.

Many companies try to make the life of their customers easier by offering free consultations or online tutorials on how to find if you have a high arch or what type of insoles you need depending on the pain you feel.

Dr. Scholl’s insole advisor, for example, asks you a few questions when you open their site and recommends the best type of insoles according to your answers. They also have Custom Fit® Kiosks where you can get your foot measured with the purpose to get the right insole.

If you prefer to purchase your orthotics online, we can help you with our list of the best orthotics insoles you can buy in 2019. Some of them are recommended by podiatrists, while others have won the user’s hearts or shall we say feet due to their unique features and comfort. 

Total Support Orthotic Insoles by TrendBaron
orthotic insoles for foot pain

The Total Support Orthotic Insoles are a biomechanically-engineered product accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. They are aimed at athletes looking for semi-rigid support that can improve their performance and reduce the risks of injuries and over-pronation that lead to foot, leg or back pain but can be worn by people who need quality support and comfort throughout the day. 

The special 3D-Modulation system of the insole redistributes ground forces during activities due to the varying degrees of hardness it offers beneath key areas of your foot. Each step is more comfortable as a result of the deep heel pads padded with gel. The technology developed by TrendBaron is patent-pending and offers supreme flat feet support and pain relief in case of the most common conditions leading to foot discomfort such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, heel spurs or diabetes. 

The Total Support Orthotic Insoles has an anatomical arch support that helps improve the overall mobility and reduce pain in feet, legs, knees, and lower back pain.  The low-friction antimicrobial top cloth prevents blisters and helps keep your feet odor-free. 

The insoles come in two different sizes for men and women and can be trimmed to fit your shoes. 

Redi-Thotics Flex Orthotic Insoles

Redi-Thotics are among the most recommended orthotic insoles by podiatrists because of their great selection of athletic and casual insoles specifically designed for both men and women and the kids’ line that helps children whose feet quickly overgrow custom orthotics. 

The insoles combine several technologies to ensure the right level of support and comfort no matter if you are wearing athletic shoes or high heels. The insoles feature a Barretex-Plush fabric Top Cover that reduces friction and helps your foot stay cool. The Pedura-HD foam adds support and cushioning in combination with the foam bottom of the insole that guarantees a high-level of comfort regardless of your activity. The Plasti-Flex shell stabilizes and supports your arch and makes sure your foot stays in natural alignment and moves healthy. 

These orthotic insoles relieve pain while providing comfort and stability regardless of the type of shoe or level of activity that you perform. 

Superfeet Unisex Adults’ Green Orthotic Insole

The Green Orthotic Insoles are the best-seller of Superfeet insoles as it offers maximum comfort and support while being quite light on your budget. It is one of the most preferred orthotics by users who value both its high-performance features and eco-friendly materials.

The insole is made from high-quality synthetic materials and comes with a natural latex-free coating which has anti-bacterial features. The insoles keep your feet in the perfect position and the foam offers the right structure and stability guaranteeing foot, arch, and heel pain relief. The insoles are suitable for people suffering from plantar fasciitis and also offer shock absorption to keep your feet stable and healthy while you move. 

The bright green color signals the maximum support and comfort the insole provides. It will relieve your feet from the daily stress and keep them in perfect condition, while the upper layer will also regulate odor. 

Superfeet Carbon, Sport Shoe Carbon Fiber Performance Thin Insoles

Superfeet ranks with yet another type of their insoles featuring carbon fiber. Superfeet Carbon insoles are meant for athletes who are looking for excellent performance, durability, and comfort. The lightweight high-density foam offers excellent shock absorption and keeps its form despite long hours of usage.

The carbon-fiber insoles are thin and made to fit tight athletic footwear. The plastic shells can be further thinned or narrowed for a perfect fit without compromising the quality of the insole.

The insoles are recommended by podiatrists for relieving pain to people suffering from plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, neuroma, capsulitis, and tendonitis. The insoles reduce the stress on feet, ankles, and knees and offer excellent arch support while stabilizing the entire foot.

Considered the thinnest insoles made by the company, they are preferred by many athletes for their combined features. 


Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic inserts offer customized support to your feet preventing them from stress and pain. They offer a 5-in-1 solution for 5 types of pain in the lower body: feet, heels, plantar fasciitis, knees, and lower back. 

To help you choose the right insole for you, Dr. Scholl markets these inserts along with their Custom Fit Kiosk, which measures your foot and offers the best type of insoles from the series. You can also select your own pair and offer it based on the symptoms and pain that you suffer from.

The orthotic inserts are made from soft top cloth that guarantees durability and enhances the comfort, cushion layer that offers great shock absorption, and two layers of arch support to better fit your arch type. 

The inserts have substantial arch support and cushioning and may not fit with too tight shoes. Otherwise, they are designed to be used with sneakers, casual, and work shoes.  

Powerstep Original Full-Length Orthotic Shoe Insoles

Powerstep offer full-length orthotic insoles that are a close match to custom-made orthotics because of their great arch support and shock absorption functions. Made from ultra-thin and low-profile polypropylene, these insoles fit in most casual, dress, and athletic shoes, keeping your feet properly supported and comfortable. 

These orthotic insoles offer semi-rigid arch support and a heel cradle that cushions your feet during every step you take. The dual cushioning layer based on the variable cushioning technology keeps your feet comfortable no matter if you stand, walk or perform a high-impact activity.

The insoles come in a great range of women and men sizes and no trimming is necessary to fit your shoes. 

SOLE Signature EV Ultra Footbeds

Recommended by podiatrists because of their durability, comfort, and high-performance construction, Sole Signature footbeds are the perfect insoles for people who want to get rid of foot pain and stress.

The insoles feature ventilated Softec cushioning that maximizes air circulation as you move and keeps your feet odor-free and in perfect condition. The deep heel improves stability and decreases the risk of pain or injuries resulting from active movement. The insoles help for better alignment of feet and lower limbs on any terrain and the orthopedic-base layer reduces the amount of stress. 

The insoles come in a great variety of designs and sizes. 

Instant-Relief Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles

What makes Samurai insoles to stand out is that the orthotic part is hidden inside the insole. The insoles are biomechanically engineered by a leading podiatrist to best serve people with flat feet and help them get rid of the common foot pain caused by plantar fasciitis or heel spur. 

The insoles offer correction of the overpronation that is usually caused by flat feet or low arches while providing support and extra comfort to the feet. They are great for impact activities due to their excellent shock absorption. 

Because of their sleek design, the insoles fit perfectly any type of footwear from boots to slippers and clogs. You do not have to trim them as you can simply order the size of your shoes. It is pretty easy to put the insoles instead of the fabric inserts and wear them with your favorite shoes. 

The Samurai insoles bounce and mold to your feet as you move to provide the necessary support while keeping you comfortable. They are suitable for daily usage and reduce pain and stress, which makes them one of the preferred products among off-the-shelf orthotic products. 

Arch Support Orthotic Insoles/Inserts for Flat Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Overpronation by Hanrock

Hanrock designed orthotic insoles that provide great support for people with high arches. The orthotics offer flexible arch support and help your feet feel much better and experience no pain as a result of overpronation or plantar fasciitis. 

The insoles have added foam padding in the heel and at the ball of the foot to offer extra shock absorption, which makes them a perfect fit for a great variety of activities, including walking and standing. 

The insoles are affordable and durable and can be worn every day. They can be trimmed to fit the size and are compatible with almost any type of footwear. 

Sof Sole Athlete Insoles

Sof Sole competes for the best Athlete orthotic insoles among the affordable off-the-shelf types on the market. Made from 100% Implus® foam with additional gel cushioning in the heel and at the forefoot, these insoles are made to keep you moving. 

The insoles are specifically designed to fit men’s athletic and casual footwear. They have a contoured neutral arch that fits most foot types and offers comfort and support. The Hydrologix moisture-wicking treatment keeps your feet dry and odor-free while managing the optimal temperature. 

The insoles are offered in five sizes but can be trimmed to fit perfectly to your own shoes. 

Orthofeet Orthopedic Insoles 

Orthofeet specializes in the production of orthopedic products such as shoes, socks, and insoles. They offer a great variety of orthotic insoles that are specifically designed to fit men and women’s feet and provide the right amount of support and comfort during various activities or in the event of symptoms like diabetes, sensitive feet or plantar fasciitis. 

Orthofeet insoles are biomechanically engineered to help alleviate foot, heel, knee, and lower back pain. They improve mobility and offer excellent shock absorption combined with a dry foot system that guarantees comfort all day long. The anatomic arch support eases pain and stress and helps with foot and leg alignment while you walk, run or exercise. 

One of the unique benefits of these insoles is that they are made on a specific mold for each shoe size and come in a variety of widths to ensure a precise fit to your shoes. 

To wrap up, we need to point out that choosing the right orthotic insoles is not that easy. You need to take into account multiple factors that include your personal data and comfort and insole features such as materials, durability, terms of usage. It is a good idea to consult a podiatrist even if you intend to buy off-the-shelf orthotic insoles. 

The right insoles will help you move freely and keep your active lifestyle. If you need some other products to help you live the healthy life you deserve, check our offers at life happens outdoors section of our online shop. 


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