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Top products for knee pain relief to try in 2020

Knee pain is a common condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle. Some may think that it is athletes who are exposed to experiencing painful knees. However, you don’t need to be dedicated to sports or take part in a lot of physical activity to suffer from knee pain. 

The discomfort can occur as a result of a number of factors and it may be difficult to pinpoint the reason for knee pain. Wearing the wrong shoes, putting too much pressure on the knees through exercise, and obesity are all factors, which can turn knee pain into your worst nightmare. The symptoms may differ and some may experience slight pain, while others may severely struggle. In some cases, knee pain can even result in becoming completely immobile, affecting your lifestyle and daily routine. 

Pain in the knees can be relieved via medical intervention through surgery or medication. It can also, however, be cured with less-demanding and more affordable options, which can be used at home. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best products for knee pain that you can try in 2020. Let’s jump straight to them and see how you can solve your problem!

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe

One of the most important products that need careful consideration before a purchase is the shoes. There is substantial evidence today which proves that wearing uncomfortable shoes or shoes that are not suitable for your body type, weight, and lifestyle can cause serious damage to the knees. 

New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoe
New Balance Men’s 1080v10 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

The shoes we wear has an influence on the amount of pressure our knees take. Therefore, when we are in doubt about the tactics we could apply to reduce knee pain and return to normal, painless living, the shoes are the first place to start. Of course, in cases where the pain is a result of severe trauma or injuries, a pair of good shoes will not be enough but it is something extra that can be of help. On the contrary, where there is mild knee pain, choosing suitable shoes can help you recover fully. 

New Balance Women’s Lazr V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New balance has created a special pair of shoes aimed to help runners put less pressure on the knees – the Fresh Foam Running Shoe. Don’t let the name confuse you – you don’t need to be a professional runner to take advantage. The neutral pronation of the sneaker and its different frontal area make this shoe not only ideal for running but great support for casual walks. It is a combination of a bootie construction with an engineered mesh, offering ankle protection as well. Certainly a product worth trying this year if you suffering from pain in the knees. 

Corrective Heel

Knee pain can also be a result of wearing shoes that are too high or too flat for long periods of time. This can cause permanent damage to the structure of the foot and place additional pressure on the knees. For instance, dancers and individuals involved in different types of sport are more exposed to suffering from such problems. 

Heel That Pain Plantar Fasciitis Insoles | Heel Seats Foot Orthotic Inserts, Heel Cups for Heel Pain and Heel Spurs | Patented, Clinically Proven, 100% Guaranteed | Blue, Medium (W 6.5-10, M 5-8)
Foot Orthotic Inserts, Heel Cups for Heel Pain and Heel Spurs | Patented, Clinically Proven, 100% Guaranteed

Shoe inserts are one option that can help. Although they have not been fully acknowledged by research, there is a low-cost alternative that has helped many reduce the stress put on the knees and decrease pain. There are different types of corrective heel cups and in order to make the best decision, it is advisable to visit a medical expert for consultation. In most cases, professionals will be able to suggest the perfect heel cup for your individual needs. 

On the contrary, choosing on your own may, in fact, bring additional problems to resolve in the future. 

Tourmaline Self Heating Knee Pads

Compression and heat are two of the most essential factors commonly used for the prevention and treatment of knee pain. With the growing trends of people increasing their physical activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is only natural that these two factors are of more interest nowadays. 

Digging deeper into the reasons for knee pain, we have uncovered that the majority of issues are related to the functional interaction of the bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Harming one of the mentioned leads to negative responses from the body such as inflammation, pain, and discomfort to say the least. Apart from allowing your body to rest and recover, there is extra support you could provide by using knee pads. There are many different knee pad versions available on the market and it may sometimes be difficult to make the right choice. It is advisable to look for a product which offers both compression and heat for maximum effect. 

Tourmaline Self Heating Knee Pads

Compression helps due to its ability to cope with swellings and ensures that the patella is properly aligned. Heat, on the other hand, is a perfect way to deal with joint, bone, or tendon pain. The tourmaline self-heating knee pads perfectly combine the two and allow the knees to rest and recharge. 

In addition, the knee pads implement tourmaline fibre and use magnets for complete magnetic therapy. A result of detailed research and calculation, the right amount of tourmaline magnets are incorporated into the pads, giving them the opportunity to maintain a balanced bioenergetics field. At the same time, pain is relieved and you once again can feel comfortable in your own body. 

Advanced Knee Support Brace

The advanced knee support brace is another quality product to try in 2020 if you’re looking to say goodbye to knee pain for good. Recover your mobility, balance, and be as active as you wish this year without surgical intervention. 

advanced knee support brace pain relief
Advanced Knee Support Brace

This product is designed to incorporate six unique features, offering an innovative solution for knee pain. Its anatomically and biometrically contoured knit and disco-elastic cushion in the shape of a ring is the perfect way to relieve pain and return to normal life. The capabilities of knee braces are often underestimated and there is a reason behind this trend. Cheap and low-quality knee braces are not only likely to have no positive effect on the condition of your knee but they may even worsen the situation. The compression may not be the amount needed and it may put pressure on the wrong parts of the knees.

With the advanced knee support brace, there is no need to worry about such consequences. Therapeutic pressure is put on the knee thanks to its structured pad. The brace is equipped with Hoffa pads located on its lower edge, putting pressure on the infrapatellar fat pad. This speeds up the recovery process and reliefs pain instantly. The brace is also popular for its lateral wings that extend into the knee’s joint space, offering relief for the meniscus. 

The brace can be used when staying still, when walking, running, or exercising. The positive effect will be felt in an instant, thanks to the intermittent compression massage. The metabolism is stimulated thanks to the rise and fall of pressure. What’s really innovative about this knee brace product is its visco-elastic Omega pad. In fact, you don’t have to be suffering from severe knee pain in order to enjoy this product. If you feel that your knees are weaker than usual or you want extra stability, you can take advantage of the advanced knee support brace. 

LuxFit High-Density Foam Roller

Equipping yourself with a foam roller may not exactly be on your priority list of things to try for pain relief but you may be surprised by the vast range of benefits it offers. Getting into the habit of using a foam roller after a workout is especially beneficial for athletes who constantly put pressure on the muscles and the joints. 

LuxFit Foam Roller, Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles '3 Year Warranty' with Free Online Instructional Video Extra Firm High Density for Physical Therapy, Exercise, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage
LuxFit Foam Roller, Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles ‘3 Year Warranty’ with Free Online Instructional Video Extra Firm High Density for Physical Therapy, Exercise, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

Another reason for knee pain or discomfort in the area is an inflamed IT band. An easy and reliable treatment method is foam rolling the external part of your thighs in order to reduce the pain and release excessive stress in the zone. It is an exceptional way to omit muscle soreness and quickly recover. Of course, foam rolling used alone will not be a magical treatment for knee pain but it can be used in combination with other methods to speed up the recovery process and offer more comfort in daily activities.

Knee pain can get in the way of performing to your full potential in sports but it can also disrupt your normal way of living. A simple foam roller can, in fact, help you bring back a smile on your face once again and feel freer, more mobile, and flexible. 

To conclude

There we have them. We’ve shared with you five amazing products, which can help you relieve knee pain and once again live a normal and active life without the struggle and discomfort. Saying goodbye to knee pain may not always be a quick process. Give yourself the necessary time and be patient with your body. Persistence and patience are the keys to treating knee pain for good. We hope you find our suggestions useful!


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