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The World´s Best iPhone Smart Battery Case


This is the world’s best and smartest battery charging case! Engineered from a PC-ABS thermoplastic material that is drop- and shock- resistant. Every battery case has our Smart Charge feature that protects your phone’s battery from damage and overcharging.

With a light weight and a thin design, the case provides both backup battery and shock protection for your favorite phone!

Just 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 50%, you are ready to go anytime, anywhere!

  • Protection and Charging all in one
  • Intelligent Smart Battery Management
  • LED indicators for all models since iPhone X available
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight
  • large capacity of up to 5500 mAh

trendbaron iPhone battery case smart battery management 5000 mah power bank protection case iPhone 5 6 7 8 x XS XR 11

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Power bank and Protection in one

iPhones are great. We all love our little helpers. There are just two little downsides. First, they are expensive little devices and need some extra protection. If you have ever dropped your iPhone, you know what I am speaking about. Repairing it at the Genius Bar can easily cost you an arm (and sometimes a leg too). So getting a good protective case is the way most iPhone users should go.

The second problem is battery life. If you use your iPhone for all kinds of daily tasks, and I guess you do, you know how quickly your battery can drain. Watching some videos on the commute? Playing some casual games in the subway? Using google maps to navigate with your car? You get the point. Batteries need to be recharged once a day. And in some cases that’s just not enough.

The iPhone battery case from TrendBaron is addressing both problems for you. And it does that in a very stylish manner. And at a very affordable prices (compared to the prices Apple is charging for the same product).

The Smart Battery Case is available for all models since the iPhone 5, up to the iPhone 11 Pro max. You see, we got you covered, regardless which model you may be using.

High quality materials and top-notch manufacturing protects your iPhone from scratches, dirt, drops and daily wear. Over-charge protection and over-voltage protection guarantee a safe charging process for your phone and the case. Intelligent sensors stop and start each process automatically for you, so you’ll always run at the most efficient setup. The best thing is that you don’t need to charge your new case yourself. Just plug in your lightning cable or charge the phone wireless. When it’s full, the integrated chip detects that and starts charging the battery case, if needed. And if you need to charge your phone, just click a button on the back of the case and you’ll run at full power again.

All models since the iPhone X are additionally available with LED battery life indicators. This allows for a quick check and shows you the exact number.

The lightweight and super thin case just feels right. Period. No bulky cases and no ugly compromises. The world’s best iPhone Smart Battery Case just looks and feels awesome.


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