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9 Health Benefits of Sauna

Today, saunas are associated with body pampering and precious moments of relaxation. The sauna is commonly used for removing the toxins from the body but it is also a useful method for reducing stress and entering a calmer mood after a heavy day or even week. If you lack the […]

the benefits brisk walking has on your health

10 Benefits of Brisk Walking

Most of us have heard of the numerous benefits associated with regular exercise or at least a walk in the park to get the body moving. Apart from its physical benefits, walking also offers other positive side effects to the mind. A regular walk out in nature or even in […]

The 11 Best Home Remedies for Back Pain

Can you remember the last time you suffered from back pain? Or is it difficult to remember a time when you didn’t? The condition is more serious than it sounds and it affects a large portion of the population worldwide. Research around the topic uncovers that the majority of people […]

11 best home remedies for back pain

the psychological aspect of weight loss

Mind Over Matter: The Psychological Aspect of Weight Loss

by guest author Jennifer Lomax There are 45 million Americans who go on a diet each year. Losing weight and changing your daily habits when it comes to food intake and exercise is very difficult, but there are psychological aspects of weight loss that may give you the edge you need to […]

How to Look Out for Your Skin Before and After a Workout

written by guest author Jennifer Lomax You work out to get a better body, but you’re going to need to take the proper precautions while working out to keep your skin looking nice too. Don’t make your skin look worse than it needs to for the sake of a better body. […]

taking care of your skin when working out

the best running socks review

The Top 11 Professional Running Socks for 2019 Reviewed

Running is one of the sports that many people love practicing. It keeps us active and can be a great way for relieving stress and keeping our body and mind in a healthy condition. No matter if you are a professional runner or you love to jog in the park […]

The Top 11 Products for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the reasons for experiencing a stabbing pain in your feet and heels may be plantar fasciitis. This is quite a common strain injury that usually affects runners but is also often seen among people who love walking and hiking or need to stand all day long as a […]

plantar fasciitis products reviewed

11 steps to cure your foot pain

11 Ways to Cure Your Foot Pain

There are many reasons and conditions that can cause foot pain – from simply walking too much during your trip to an interesting place to a serious injury as a result of intensive training. Several conditions such as plantar fasciitis or arthritis can also stand behind the chronic pain that […]

The Top 10 Elbow Support Braces of 2019 Reviewed

If you are suffering from pain in the elbow, then you most probably have the so-called tennis elbow syndrome or lateral epicondylitis. It is not necessary to play tennis to have this type of injury but it is almost sure that you will have it if you do play. One […]

the best elbow braces of 2019 reviewed

the top ankle braces reviewed

The Top 10 Ankle Braces of 2019 Reviewed

There are many reasons why you may want some additional support for your ankles – from being a professional athlete to having frequent ankle pain, or abrasion, sprain, or strain that needs to heal properly.  Regardless of the reason you may need to wear an ankle brace, it is good […]