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How Compression Socks Will Help You with Foot Pain

compression socks help with foot pain

Have you ever thought about the challenging role that our feet have in our lives, supporting us and carrying us all day, every day? Foot pain is one of the most commonly seen discomforts among people involved in almost any area of life. Whether we are talking about athletes, who heavily pressure specific body zones during workout, whether it will be the normal working person, who spends an average of eight hours sitting down at a desk or even someone whose hobby involves jogging, long walks or hiking, foot pain is a high-risk factor for most of us.

The Reality of Foot Pain

To some readers, foot pain may seem like one of those actively discussed topics that are meant to just call for an action or have the ultimate aim of raising the alarm without much reason. Being one of those people is an absolute advantage as it means that you are one of the few who haven’t experienced foot pain. However, the statistics behind foot pain are quite realistic and serious, showing that the majority of the world’s population has experienced or experiences pain in this area on a daily basis.

A 2017 Healthy Feet Survey carried out in Australia shows that 48% of Australians wake up with heel, arch or foot paint. Out of these 48%, 6% experience the discomfort every day. Similar research was done in the United Kingdom during the same year, where results showed that 92.1% of the respondents shared that they have current foot problems, which negatively influenced their life and activities. America’s situation is no different, with a survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association shedding light on the problem by revealing that 77% of Americans experienced foot pain. 

The most interesting and shared fact among the three surveys is that most respondents admitted that they do not intend to see a professional doctor regarding their foot problems.

A Simple Solution – Compression Socks

The main problem with foot pain, apart from the evident discomfort and inability to perform your daily actions and desired activities, is that it is so common that it is commonly underrated and not paid attention to until the problem becomes serious and requires professional action. Thanks to the evolution of the health industry and the development of products that are easily accessible by the ordinary consumer, an easier solution to foot ache is available – compression socks.

What are they?

Compression socks are created to prevent or stop foot pain but the interesting part is the way they actually make this happen. By providing higher compression at the foot and ankle area, compression socks help the body cope with gravitational factors and stimulate venous return or the flow of deoxygenated blood reaching the heart. They are designed to help prevent and soothe cramps, inflammation, aching or the general sense of tiredness or swelling in the foot zone. Overall, wearing compression socks will help your blood vessels work better and keep your feet and legs feel relief. 

Ways in Which Compressions Socks Help with Foot Pain

Now that we have explained the basic science behind compression socks, it’s time to share the actual ways in which they help your feet feel better.

  • To reduce muscle soreness – providing a tight grip on your ankles and heels will help pump blood up your upper body and increase circulation, therefore reduce swelling and the feeling of discomfort. Hence, compression socks are of extreme benefit to athletes or gym addicts, who don’t have time to waste dealing with muscle pain. On top of that, better blood circulation will help speed up the process of building muscle tissue.
  • То removе post-surgery pain – compression socks are also advised to wear after going through surgery in the area of the foot or leg as the tight compression can serve as isolation of the area from the other part of the body, helping it stabilize and recover faster
  • Deal with running pain – for the runners out there, you are likely to know exactly what the pain after a long run feels like, especially for the marathon runners. Although most runners are prepared with running shoes specifically designed to ease the feet, compression socks will equip you with additional comfort and reduce lactate concentration in your legs.

The list of ways in which compression socks can help your feet cope with pain is long and extremely scientifically-based. The provided points are merely an introduction of how these socks can be of benefit to your everyday life. Other beneficial factors include the reduction of inflammation in the feet area, the ability of compression socks to help eliminate the feeling of fatigue after work or long hours of sitting down, overall improved circulation and the reduction of calf cramping. They can also be used to ensure your muscles stay warm during winter or even prevent sweat from causing blisters or chafing during activities.

Are they suitable for everyone? 

The main advantage of compression socks is that they can be worn as a replacement for ordinary socks but in the meantime do wonders for your feet! You could use them at home instead of walking barefoot or while at work or during your workout at the gym. Having compression socks on while traveling is also a great way to reduce the swelling or tiredness of your feet. Pregnant women have also shared the benefits of using compression socks due to the increased weight put on the feet while carrying a child or during post-pregnancy when the body is recovering. 

It is worth noting that like anything else, in order to provide benefit for your body, compression socks must be carefully chosen to provide the right compression. It is especially important to ensure your compression socks are the right size for your feet and fit with your foot structure.

Here are our most popular types of compression socks. Check them out.

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