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Perfect Selfie Camera Light


★ Perfect Lighting for your Photos & Videos

★ Works with any phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer

★ Ideal lighting for makeup, food, selfie or group shots

★ Make your memorable moments even more memorable

★ Lightweight and small to always take it with you

★ Easily clips to your camera in seconds

★ Three different settings to always choose the right light


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Good photos are all about lighting. If you can get that right, your photos will get lots and lots of compliments, likes and engagement on social media. But if you do it wrong, the best thing you can hope for is a mediocre snapshot. Social media influencers know this. It’s their capital. That’s why they’re all using a simple but effective trick – and a little gimmick that’s now available to you as well.

Introducing the Perfect Selfie Camera Light

Using a selfie light, the most successful influencers and Instagram models constantly produce professional and awesome looking headshots, group shots and videos. And if you want to up your game as well, you should get the best lighting light available on the market.

If you’re on the go and still want to gorgeous looking photos, you want a portable setup that’s small enough to carry in a pocket while still adding that extra touch of light when you need it. The Perfect Selfie Camera Light is a LED ring light that clips to the top of your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It comes with an internal battery that is rechargeable via USB. And the cable is included, of course.

36 LED lamp beads that can easily be controlled with a sensitive switch always guarantee a perfect lighting. Three different lighting modes adapt to all indoor and outdoor situations. Want to get that perfect shot in the dark – there you go.

How is it used?

The Perfect Selfie Camera Light is not only great for taking selfies or portrait shots of yourself. It is perfectly suited for a variety of settings.

Makeup Shots and Makeup Application

Perfect selfie light makeup

You can always use the light ring to help you apply makeup in the dark or environments with poor lighting. And if you’re doing this already, why don’t you create that flawless beauty shot afterwards?

Foodie Shots

perfekt selfie ring light foodie shot

Food bloggers use the Perfect Selfie Camera Light for taking the perfect shot of their meals. Because it is so small and portable, you can always have it with you during restaurant visits or on the go if you find an awesome food truck out of the blue. Simply clip it on your phone and make the perfect shot.

Beauty Shots

perfekt selfie camera light beauty shots

Makeup specialists, lash or eyebrow technicians, beauty youtubers and bloggers constantly use the lights for taking super important “before-after” images.

Selfies & Group Shots

perfect selfie camera a light selfies and group shots

Create the perfect selfie or group shot when you’re out and about. Create memorable moments that look even better with the perfect lighting.

But there’s more and the list goes on and on. Are you into live-streaming on Facebook, Youtube or Twitch? Just create a better light anytime you need it. You want to take professional looking photos of products you sell on amazon, eBay or other apps? Well, guess what will help you selling those articles bette, faster and at better prices.

perfekt selfie camera light flat lays product photography

Who is this for

As you see, there are so many instances where you could benefit from a studio light that fits into your pocket. If you love to use your phone, tablet or computer camera, there’s no way you should miss out on this little device. Just put in your order today and choose from 4 different colors.


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