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Handmade Tree of Life Necklace


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Bring an abundance of blessings into your life with this wonderful handmade Tree of Life necklace. Carefully chosen stones attract Love (rose quartz), Life (Amethyst), Health (Peridot), Luck (Aventurine), Harmony (Jade) and Prosperity (Tourmaline). Each gem helps you maintain a healthy balance in life. Choose your desired gem or simply select the 7 Chakras to attract abundance in all areas.

The Tree of Life is a mystical and magical tree that is well known to many cultures, dating back to ancient times. It is an important part of all religions spread over the world today, though it is called by different names. But their meanings are always the same…

The single tree is comprised of all aspects of the tree itself and all elements that have their own meanings. You have roots, the trunk, branches, leaves and all kinds of fruit coming from the same tree. All these parts represent the tree in a holy, divine way.

  • In Hinduism Lord Krishna rested on the leaves of the tree as a baby when land was no longer visible
  • In pre-islamic, Persian mythology the sacred tree bears all seeds, so God created guardians to protect it from all evil
  • In ancient Egypt the Tree of Life represents the hierarchical chain of events that brought everything to existence. The spheres demonstrates the order, process and method of creation
  • In Jewish religion the Tree of Life is mentioned in the Torah itself and stands for knowledge of good and evil. It was the only thing remaining in the Garden of Eden
  • In Buddhism it is the tree under which Buddha sat when he attained Enlightenment
  • In China this tree produces the peach of immortality and anyone who eats the fruit gains immortality
  • In Christianity it represents the state of humanity free from corruption and Original Sin.
  • In Islam it is commonly called the „Tree of Immortality“ in the Quran. In difference to the holy bible there is only one tree in paradise –  and guess which…

You can find way more historical, religious, mythical information about the sacred Tree of Life. But the best thing about it is that you can get your own now for you to attract abundance in all areas through this Tree of Life Necklace.

This beautiful Tree of Life Necklace looks very elegant and you can wear it to almost any event and outfit. Make the world a better place and show some divinity with this unique piece of jewelry.

Please note that this Tree of Life Necklace is not sold on other stores and is only available on trendbaron.com online. If you want to make sure to get yours please order today or they might be gone for good soon…


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