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Self Stirring Mug – No more spoons


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  • Stainless steel – keeps your coffee hot
  • Press “Stir button” to see the magic happen
  • Suited for coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.
  • Snap-lock lid for transport, so you can take it with you at all times

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Who needs spoons anymore?

Do you like your coffee with cream? Or sugar? Or even both? Only if you are a black coffee drinker this may not really interest you. All of you other coffee people listen up – how do you stir your coffee?

Imagine you could get rid of all these spoons, swizzles or things you sometimes need to improvise because you don´t have anything suitable at hand (like tongue depressers). How would this make your coffee life easier? Would this product interest you?

Never need to wash a spoon again. Never have the taste of wood in your mouth again because of these tongue depressers. Sounds good? Does this sound to you like some TV selling show? That´s most likely because we are very excited about this super cool self stirring mug that just hit our store. Honestly, everybody at our office love them and we´re pretty sure you´ll love them also.

Just insert two AA batteries and you´re good to go. There´s a little spinner at the bottom of this mug that will take care of all the stirring itself. You just have to relax and enjoy your delicious coffee. Stainless steel keeps your coffee hot and the attachable snap-lock lid makes this mug your favorite item to-go!


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