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The Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head


SAVES 8 GALLONS OF WATER EACH SHOWER – On average, people shower 7.8 mines and use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. The Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head saves you 40% of that water. And that is, on average, a whopping 8 gallons with each shower

SAVES 40% WATER – With many lakes and water resources running on historical lows, it is more important than ever to save water. The Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head is your chance to save 40% of the water for each shower

THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE – A full 360 degrees rotating fan, an integrated water filter and regulatable water pressure with the press of a button lets you create the shower experience of your dreams

G1/2 INTERNATION STANDARD INTERFACE – Easily install the Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head to any shower, hose or bracket. Inside your house, apartment, RV, boat or camper

ENHANCES THE WATER PRESSURE – If you live in a high-rise apartment or an older building, you may experience low water pressure. This shower head gives you the full high-pressure-experience

EASY ON/OFF SWITCH – Turn the water flow on and off with a simple press of a button on the handle. No need to reach for the faucet half-blinded anymore


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Saves Water & Money

This ultimate shower head creates the perfect shower experience while saving 40% water. YES, 40%. Just imagine how much that is. On average, people take showers for 7.8 minutes with an average flow rate of 2.5 gallons of water per minute. That’s a whopping 20 gallons or 75 liters of water per shower. Just imagine if you could lower that rate to just 12 gallons or 45 liters. Wouldn’t that be huge? For the environment and your wallet?

Saving water is a huge topic and by now everybody knows how important it is. But the Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head does not only that in perfection. While you enjoy the feeling of doing something important for the environment, you’ll be rewarded with maybe the best showering experience you’ve ever had.

A high pressure rotating wheel technology increases the speed of the water flow and creates a seamless jet. For a constant water flow without interruptions. Believe me, you have to feel it yourself. This effect is especially beneficial if you live in an apartment with low water pressure, like a high-rise apartment, an older building or even in an RV or on a boat. You can simply install this shower head wherever you want and enjoy a spa-like shower whenever you feel like.

The Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head installs through the G1/2 international standard interface. That means you can easily install it yourself to any shower, hose or bracket yourself, without the need for a plumber or house technician. You don’t even need any tools. It’s that easy.

The handle has an ON/OFF switch that instantly turns the water flow on and off. Simply by the press of a button. No need to reach for the faucet half-blinded anymore. Just press a button and the water stops. Press it again and the water flows again. Isn’t this awesome?

We’ve just come up with an upgraded version and listened to our customers. The new version comes with a water flow regulator. The handle now has a rotation wheel that lets you regulate the water pressure a lot more easily. For the most comfortable and satisfying shower experience of your life. And the integrated water filter ensures the best water quality that you can possibly have at your home.

One Shower Head To Rule Them All

Seriously, this shower head is one of the best ways to save money and water in your household. Water is becoming more and more valuable all around the world. This summer, many countries suffer from water loss and many lakes dried out already. Lake Mead in Nevada has reached a critical low that is going to affect millions of people living in Nevada, Arizona, California and parts of Mexico. And dozens and dozens of other water resources in almost any country in the world has the same problem. Nature has served us well for hundreds of years now and now is the time to give something back.

Act now and save 40% of the water from every single shower in the future. By just ordering one of these Ultimate Water Saving Shower Heads you’ll be doing something good for our nature and for your children and children’s children.

To sweeten this decision, we’ll reward you with a gorgeous shower experience that is so much more comfortable and enjoyable than you’re used to. Once you’ve tried this shower head and watch your utility bill shrink, you’ll wonder how you could live without it. So please do yourself a favor and order your Ultimate Water Saving Shower Head today. Mother Nature and your utility bill will thank you for this decision!


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