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Poker Jewelry and Other Fancy Gift Ideas for Passionate Poker Players

poker jewelry gift ideas

Poker is a popular game that can be both a hobby and a professional undertaking. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge combined with a pinch of luck and chance. Poker players are known for keeping a “poker face” but they are still human and fancy a good gift no matter if there is a special occasion or not.

If you have a poker player in your family or among your friends, it may be a good idea to surprise them with a poker-themed gift. That will be a sign that you do appreciate what they are doing and no matter if this is their hobby or job, you are supportive of it. 

Finding the right gift can be a difficult undertaking in case you have no idea what to look for. The truth is that there is such a great variety of poker-related gifts that once you start searching, you will be amazed by the profound options. Some of them may seem too trivial for you – like a new deck of cards or a traditional poker chip set, while others can be quite expensive –like a good special poker table, for example. There are, however, some fancy ideas like unusual poker jewelry or everyday items with a poker hint that can make the perfect gift.

With the coming of the Christmas holidays, you can also avail of the numerous discounts and promotions that many stores and online shops offer and buy the perfect present for your poker playing friend at a great price. 

Categories of poker-themed gifts

It is easier to pick a gift when you have a more specific idea of the interests of the person who is to receive it. While it is clear that poker is their hobby or even their life, they still have some other preferences such as wearing rings or keyrings, collecting card sets or relaxing at the porch with a beer in hand. You can combine several of their interests into one gift by choosing the right category of a poker-themed present. Some of the most popular options are:

  • Poker training camps and membership

There is a great selection of virtual training centers that offer poker enthusiasts the opportunity to learn new techniques and meet with like-minded people. Learning from the pros is always the best way to master new techniques and methods. Getting a friend such a gift is a great idea but just make sure that they are not already a member, for example. 

  • Poker books and guides

There is always something new to learn in poker. A poker guide is a great gift for a novice, while an older edition may have a special value for someone who loves books and poker. 

  • Poker jewelry 

Rings, pendants, chains, bracelets – all of them can come in a poker-themed design and be a perfect gift for a jewelry lover. Here, we shall pay special attention to poker-themed watches as they are a great hit among poker players. They can come in a great variety of styles, designs and respective prices. 

  • Poker apparel

T-shirts, hats, hoodies – poker apparel is another way to make your poker-loving friend feel good. You can choose a gift that matches their taste and brings some fun to everyday activities. Gifting a pair of poker-themed socks is a good way to make a man always look for a matching sock when putting them in the washing machine. 

  • Cards, chip sets or poker tables

Despite that these items may look like a too obvious gift for a poker player they are still a great choice, especially if you personalize them. You can buy a deck of cards in a special case that bears your friend’s name or a vintage poker chip set for their collection. A stylish poker table can be a great addition to a man cave and a great token of love from his beloved woman, for example. 

  • Poker-themed gadgets

You can find poker-themed bottle openers or key holders that can either be a present themselves or serve as an addition to a bigger gift. Such funny gadgets are a great way to show your appreciation for the hobby of your friend while presenting them with something funny and useful. Think about how cool a poker-themed USB drive will look for someone in love with the game. 

  • Cake and cookies

If your friend has a sweet tooth, there is a way to surprise them for their special occasion with a poker-themed cake or cookies. You can bake and decorate sugar cookies for the poker party that will be held tonight at your home and win the admiration of the players. 

  • Other 

This category can be quite broad and includes staff that may not necessarily be poker-themed but still related to the beloved game. A good example is a comfortable office chair for those who play poker online. Your friend will fall in love with the idea that you have thought about their comfort while sitting in front of the computer. The same can go for a new monitor, mouse, keyboard or if you can afford it a new laptop or PC for their favorite game. 

It is not that difficult to choose a gift for a passionate poker player now that you are aware of the numerous options you have. To make your life easier, we have also selected a list of specific gifts that you can opt for, some of which can be found in our online shop. 

Poker training membership

As we already mentioned that this can be one of the greatest gifts for a poker player. It is good researching the options of purchasing a membership or a certain course for your poker-playing friend. Advanced Poker Training is such a training site where a poker enthusiast can polish their skills and train for full-ring, sit-n-go, six-max or multi-table tournaments. There are different challenges and teaching methods to improve your game. The Poker Academy is yet another option that offers better results through improved decisions. There are different courses that you can purchase and gift to a friend. The lessons are taught by professional players who make learning easy and fun. 

Custom poker table

Another amazing gift for a passionate poker player is a customized poker table. There are many sites that offer such a service, so you can play with the design of the table and make it a perfect fit for your friend’s style and preferences. You can choose the wood type and color, the cloth and leather nuances and also personalize it further with imprints or text. This is a gift that will surely make your poker-loving friends say “Wow”. Give them a chance of a real casino-feel at home by giving them a customized poker table that simply enhances the pleasure of the game. 

In case these ideas are a bit too expensive or you just need something small to compliment a gift for a poker lover you can choose one of these gadgets:

Ace of spades ring

Specially designed for poker-loving gentlemen, this Ace of Spades ring is a perfect addition to a bigger gift or ideal as a small gesture to a friend or relative. It is a fashion accessory that is silver-plated and comes in different sizes from 7 to 12 with a surface width of 14 mm.

Poker key ring

Another fashion item suitable both for men and women is the high-quality poker key ring made of zinc alloy. It looks quite trendy because it is silver-plated and its size makes it quite suitable to carry it in your pocket or handbag. The weight of the key chain is approximately 18 g. the key ring represents a Royal Flush of Spades and will bring luck to any player. 

Stainless Steel Ace of Spades bottle opener

If you have a friend who plays poker (or loves card games in general) and is keen on drinking beer, the stainless-steel Ace of spades bottle opener is the perfect gift even if there is no special occasion. Eco-friendly and durable, this metal opener will surely put a smile on the face of a passionate poker player and is a nice way to show your appreciation of the game. 

Poker chip USB flash drive

A clever way to show that you love poker is by sporting a poker chip USB flash drive. It is a cute and compact gift for poker-lovers, especially those who often deal with computers and need to share files or transfer information from one computer to another. It is a plug and play USB flash drive suitable for a USB 2.0 interface. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and has a fast speed in write/read transfer. You can choose the capacity with options from 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. The poker chip USB flash drive is shock and electromagnetic proof and quite solid so you can carry it around even in your pocket. It is a cute way to say I love poker. 

Durable plastic gold poker cards

A set of cards is always a good gift for a poker player. It should be a special one, though, if you want to impress them or help them increase their collection, in case they have one. The durable plastic gold poker cards are a full set of 52 + 2 cards that come packed in a golden box. The cards are made of highly flexible, durable and waterproof PET and gold foil to give you the best feel while playing. The luxury deck has clear three-dimensional patterns and a refraction texture. The cards come with a guarantee certificate and are an excellent gift for poker players as they can survive a lot of tear and wear. 

Special Gold Poker Playing Cards with Wooden Box and Certificate

A new set of poker cards is never too much for passionate players. If you are looking for a gift for the special occasion of a friend or family member, these gold poker playing cards with wooden box and certificate are your best choice. Put a 24k smile on the faces of your poker-playing friends by presenting them these certified 99.9% Pure 24 Carat Gold Foil cards. The deck comes with 52 cards and 2 jokers that bear the one-hundred-dollar bill pattern on their back. The cards are standard playing size 60X21X88mm / 2.362X0.827X3.464 inch.

In addition to this amazing card deck that comes with a certificate of authenticity, the set also includes a beautiful wooden box that contains the cards. Here you can use your imagination and personalize the gift by engraving your friend’s name, initials or a favorite quote on the box. 

The type of gift you will choose depends on your imagination and budget but it is not the size that matters rather the good intention behind it. Make your poker-loving friends happy by showing that you respect the game. Be creative with the gifts and combine them with other hobbies of the poker player to make a unique present that will grab their attention and won’t let it go.

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