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Professional Speed Jump Rope Set


  • Perfect for cross fit, cardio exercise or any fitness training.
  • Two-rope system allows switching from speed jump rope drills to weighted jump rope routines and vice versa.
  • Ergonomically designed and sweat resistant non-slip handles for a more comfortable grip.
  • Built with high speed ball bearings for both high tempo drills and muscle building routines.
  • Fully adjustable cable to desired length to suit people of all ages who simply love to jump.
  • 6-in-1 Set, Weighted Jump Rope comes with 2 mm and 3 mm thick ropes, spare screw kit, a travel bag and a jump rope workout guide.


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Jump Rope – more than just a fun skipping game

Perhaps your memory of jumping rope dates back to when you were playing with a bunch of 10 year olds with a beaded rope trying to hop as many times as you can but ending up tripping instead. We feel you. Been there, done that. However, if you are trying to stay fit and have not jumped rope since, you’re missing out on a lot of its benefits.


Throughout the years, jumping rope has evolved a lot from simply being a playtime activity to being one of, if not, the most efficient way to exercise. There’s a reason why world class athletes include jumping rope as a part of their daily training regimen. It’s an excellent way to warm up and whip you into shape, literally! Regardless of your fitness level, jump rope can be an integral part of your workout routine. Whether you are trying to lose weight, training for endurance or working on toning your muscles, rope skipping always gets the job done. Studies show that performing a jump rope exercise at an average pace is equal to running for 8 minutes and burns more calories in a shorter period of time. Moreover, jump rope exercises, involve multiple muscle groups with less impact on the body making it more effective than jogging or running. Additionally, jumping rope helps with the cognitive function of your brain and overall body coordination. How cool is that? Now, if you are thinking about making jumping rope a part of your daily workout program, it’s best to invest in a good and durable jump rope. The beaded rope from your PE Class won’t do the trick anymore. What you need is a high quality jump rope. What you need is our newly developed Professional Skip Rope Set.



Introducing our new Professional Speed Skip Rope Set

Our new Professional Speed Skip Rope Set is scientifically engineered to aid you in getting the best results out of any jump rope routine, the perfect partner in achieving your fitness goal. Whether you are trying to shed some pounds and improve your body coordination as a beginner or practice your double unders and side swipes as an advanced user, this jump rope adapts to match your fitness needs.


Two Rope System : Light and Weighted Rope

Want to get lighter on your feet and refine your footwork? Grab the 2 mm thick cable for those high tempo drills. Need to burn calories and tone those muscles? Opt for the mighty 3 mm thick cable for high intensity work out to engage and develop multiple muscle groups. This two rope system is perfect for those who love to have a balanced workout. Swapping from one cable to another provides a well rounded exercise for your muscles and strengthens your upper and lower body. Fitted with large screws, these 10-foot cables are fully adjustable to your desired length and can be trimmed to escalate rope speed. Achieving proper maximum rotation and smooth motion will never be a problem with the combination of high speed ball bearings and heavy duty braided steel cable. Ergonomically designed lightweight handles round up the jump rope mechanism to secure a comfortable grip and prevent hand fatigue. Furthermore, these non-slip handles can carry weights for added resistance. Just uncap the bottom cover and insert iron blocks or even sand to increase the level of difficulty and experience a more intense work out.




Compact, Durable, and Portable


Never have an excuse to ever miss a workout again. Our Professional Jump Rope Set is portable and easy to carry with you. What’s more is that it also comes with a travel bag and a workout guide. It is an ideal workout tool for everybody. So whether you are at home or outdoors, you can get your jump rope routine done. Anytime, anywhere!

If you haven’t tried jump rope since your grade school days, now would be the best time to get back and reap the amazing benefits of rope skipping! Don’t skip this chance to take advantage of the introductory sale price! Get yours now by choosing the color and hit “Add to Bag”. Shipping is on us so please make sure to order your skip rope set today!






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