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The Top 10 Ankle Braces of 2019 Reviewed

the top ankle braces reviewed

There are many reasons why you may want some additional support for your ankles – from being a professional athlete to having frequent ankle pain, or abrasion, sprain, or strain that needs to heal properly. 

Regardless of the reason you may need to wear an ankle brace, it is good to know what the market offers prior to purchasing one. The aim of the ankle brace is to protect and support your ankle while giving you freedom of movement at the same time. You need to approach the purchase of such type of protective gear with the necessary caution and information in order to make the right decision for your condition. 

Remember that it is essential to stay active even when you experience some pain in your knees or legs but a sprained ankle may prevent you from that. Hence, it is good to take care of your ankles and never let them stop you from living your life to the fullest. 

How to choose ankle braces?

When it comes to selecting the right ankle brace, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. Note that braces differ in terms of elasticity, compression, comfort, durability, and the level of adjustment. The size and how the brace fits are also very important factors to be considered prior to any purchase.

If you are an active athlete, you are aware that the ankles are one of the most common body parts that can get injured during workouts, training or while competing. Basketball is one of the sports that takes the greatest number of casualties when it comes to ankle sprains or other injuries.

Hence, you need to have some additional support that will protect your ankles from further damage and at the same time facilitate the healing process. When choosing the right brace, you need to take into account your usual level of activity and the condition you are currently suffering from in order to guarantee that the ankle brace will help you and won’t make things worse.

Make sure that you get the right protective gear that gives you stability, comfort, and support as it is supposed to. The list below can help you decide among the best ankle braces of 2019. 

Extreme Ankle Brace
extreme ankle brace

The Extreme Ankle Brace by TrendBaron is one of the best solutions for providing your ankle with the necessary stability and protection that will allow you to maintain your active lifestyle. The brace is engineered and designed with athletes to offer premium performance for everyone who wears it. 

The brace gives you the confidence and support that you need in order to continue being active. It won’t limit your movement but will provide optimal compression to stimulate your blood circulation. As a result, your muscles are stimulated and regenerate quicker, while your joint, tendon, and ligament loads are reduced. 

It is easy to put the brace on due to the adjustable velcro straps that offer maximum fit and stabilization of the ankle. They allow you to regulate the level of compression and pressure in accordance with your personal needs and preferences. The ankle brace is lightweight, durable, and washable. The 3D knit technology offers breathability and does not compromise your mobility. 

The brace can be worn by all types of athletes and during various types of sports to offer optimal performance while protecting the ankle. 

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

When it comes to one of the best ankle braces for basketball players, the Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer is a great solution. Its stabilizing straps form a complete figure eight to offer maximum support and comfort to the ankle. The brace has a simple look but premium combination of comfort, weight, and functionality.

The brace offers medial support due to the laces that go up from the midsole to the high ankle. Then, the two velcro straps are wrapped around and under your foot to the outside ankle to provide lateral stability. The elastic cuff secures the laces and the stabilizing straps and offers additional support.

The brace is made from ballistic nylon and cotton and is very durable, can be machine washed and air dried. It easily fits into basketball shoes without causing any discomfort. The brace is designed in such a way that it can be used on both the right and left ankle so you can change its position in accordance with your needs. 

Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace 

The Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace offers the ultimate support and protection for your ankle and is quite popular among basketball players. It was worn by Steph Curry in the NBA. The brace provides anatomically correct fit and support for the left or right ankle as a result of its unique design and Exo-Grid feature. It supports your muscles and facilitates their quick recovery while allowing you to maintain your mobility.

The brace has an easy rear foot entry that allows quick on-off application and the adjustable fasteners guarantee maximum comfort if you need to wear it for a longer period of time. The Grip-Tech lining ensures a comfortable fit and prevents slippage even during intense activity. 

 Bracoo Ankle Support Breathable Ankle Brace

If you are looking for a secure but yet affordable ankle brace, you can select the Bracoo ankle support brace. Due to its crisscross straps, the brace offers superb support and stabilization of your ankle tendons and joints. At the same time, the brace is compact enough to easily fit in sneakers and is recommended during strenuous activities and for basketball and volleyball players.

The highly elastic and moisture-wicking material makes the ankle brace odor-free and breathable. It won’t cause itches or any other discomfort and its smart design with an open heel doesn’t limit your mobility. You get the best combination of support and a wide range of motion. 

The brace is also recommended to relieve edema and other serious symptoms such as sprains, tendonitis, and arthritis. It is good to prevent injuries and to facilitate the healing of the ankle from acute injuries. 

The premium velcro straps allow the brace to be put with a few simple movements and provide the necessary lateral support without compromising oxygen circulation. The brace comes in two sizes for a better fit. 

Cramer Active Ankle T1 Brace

The Cramer’s Active Ankle T1 brace combines premium support via its bilateral hinge and extra flexibility to allow you to perform your favorite activities. The U-shape design helps relieve the pressure from the ankle joint and protects it from injuries. The brace supports the muscles and tissue and facilitates healing while reducing pain.

The brace can be used by professional athletes and is recommended for volleyball and basketball players and cheerleaders. 

The brace is highly adjustable and comfortable. The hinge does not limit your movement and the neoprene padding adds extra comfort. The brace is secured via straps that allow customized fit and convenience. 

McDavid 511 Ankle Sleeve

The McDavid 511 is one of the basic ankle braces that falls into the category of ankle sleeves. It is made from non-neoprene knitted construction that makes it highly breathable and flexible. It is the perfect solution for someone with neoprene allergy. The brace is not bulky and easily fits in your sneakers or other shoes. 

The ankle sleeve acts as a tight compression sock and adds stability and pressure to the ankle area to protect it from injuries and allow you to move comfortably. It is recommended for people suffering from Achilles tendinitis as it successfully reduces the pain associated with this syndrome. 

The McDavid 511 ankle sleeve fits either the left or right leg and you can wear it above or under your socks for as long as you need. 

Aircast Ankle Support Brace

The Aircast ankle brace offers a mild level of support and is perfect for those who seek protection from injuries during their workout. It is also good for relieving chronic pain or securing ankle instability. The brace has a stabilizer on either side of the ankle, molded at a 60-degree angle to offer greater protection and prevent you from sprains or rollovers.

The brace is easy to fir via a single strap that allows you to adjust how it fits. Its low profile allows you to wear it with shoes without causing any discomfort. The Breath-O-Prene fabric material secures proper blood and air circulations and keeps your foot cool and dry while wearing the brace. 

The brace supports the weakest part of the ankle but allows normal bending and does not restrict motion. The design is great both for men and women and combines comfort and stability into one. 

Copper Joint Compression Ankle Sleeve

Copper Joint’s ankle sleeve is a great solution to a series of problems since it offers stability for your ankle while providing the necessary compression to stimulate proper blood flow and relieve muscle fatigue. The specific design of the sleeve with an open heel and toes allows you to wear it for a longer period of times during any kind of activity – from various sports to intensive labor activities. 

The copper-infused sleeve provides optimum support and articulation during any activity and guarantees the durability and longevity of the product. The fabric keeps your foot and legs dry and odor-free. The breathable fabric keeps you warm in cold weather and cools you in warmer times. 

The copper ions facilitate recovery and pain relief since the sleeve stimulates oxygen delivery to muscles. As a result, your pain and discomfort are drastically reduced and eventually eliminated. 

Copper Joint’s ankle sleeve is recommended for any age and level activity. It is good both for professional athletes and for people who want to lead a normal, active, and healthy life. The sleeve improves performance, speeds up recovery, eliminates pain, inflammation, and fatigue. You get the right level of support and comfort throughout the day no matter what you do. 

Adidas Speedwrap Ankle Brace

Adidas offers a great solution for basketball players and other athletes with its Performance adizero Speedwrap ankle brace. Its intelligent design offers maximum support and protection against injuries while not limiting your motion. It enhances your overall performance while preventing the ankle from rolling over.

The brace is made from lightweight and washable fabric that offers extra comfort for the foot and ankle. It comes in black and white and in various sizes in order to ensure the perfect fit. 

PowerLix Ankle Brace

PowerLix offers another high-performance ankle sleeve that prevents your ankle from injuries while helping you recover from a series of common foot ailments that include plantar fasciitis, arthritis, sprains, swelling, tendonitis, and muscle fatigue. The optimum compression this sleeve offers applies even pressure along the ankle joint and helps you stay active while feeling comfortable as well.

The ankle brace is suitable for any type of activity that requires ankle movement – from everyday tasks to playing sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, and others. It is good for running and hiking as well since it offers the perfect protection without limiting your motion. 

The special knitted technical design and the variety of sizes provide a perfect fit regardless of your ankle structure. The smooth feel prevents from itches and discomfort and the fabric keeps odor away. The sleeve is breathable and moisture-wicking and offers perfect compression to keep you going all day long. 

PowerLix effectively helps in case of joint problems like arthritis, Heel Spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, while at the same time offering the right level of support and comfort for your ankle. 

Taking good care of your ankles is vital for your overall health since ankle pain can prevent you from staying active. It is necessary to select the right ankle brace depending on your condition and intensity of training and if necessary, combine it with other protective gear such as knee braces or insoles

In our online shop, you can find a great variety of products that can help you stay active and improve your overall health because we know that movement is life.


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