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The Top 11 Insoles for Healthy Feet to Buy in 2019

top 11 insoles reviewed

No matter if you have to walk, run or stand all day long, your feet bear a lot of pressure and often suffer from it. Your knees, legs, and back also share the load and quite often any form of activity can cause pain, fatigue or more serious problems.

It is necessary to find the right footwear that matches your lifestyle and provides the necessary comfort for your feet. Your feet will be more than happy if you combine the right shoes with proper shoe inserts and the right type of socks. The various types of insoles can help a lot in relieving pain and stabilizing your feet and ankles. This will significantly improve your posture and help fight conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis or simply offer more comfort to your feet allowing you to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Many athletes have discovered the right insoles that help them improve their performance. People, whose job involves many hours of standing on their feet, walking or wearing special work shoes and boots also need additional cushioning and support to keep their feet healthy. 

How to choose the right insoles?

There is a great variety of shoe insoles and inserts on the market. And it is vital to choose the right ones for you. Make sure to select insoles that match your arch type and are of the best possible material depending on your needs. Note that some insoles, such as orthotic insoles, may require some time for the feet to adjust to them before you can start using them regularly. In order to facilitate your choice, we have selected a list of the best insoles for 2019 that include a great variety of types for different conditions and occasions. 

TrendBaron Total Support Orthotic Insoles 
orthotic insoles for foot pain

TrendBaron designed their total support orthotic insoles with the aim to offer a combined solution to a series of conditions that may prevent you from feeling comfortable. The unique insoles are perfect for people with sensitive feet who suffer from pain as a result of various conditions, including diabetes, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, heel spur or tendonitis. They are designed to offer excellent support for flat feet, provide more comfort and reduce the pressure on the bottom of the foot.

The patent-pending technology combines a deep heel seat padded with gel to relieve pain and a 3D modulation system that offers different levels of hardness between key areas of the foot. Total support orthotic insoles are biomechanically engineered in order to offer the greatest possible support and comfort to your feet and reduce over-pronation. 

The combination of polyurethane foam and viscoelastic gel allows the insole to dynamically shape to the foot and match perfectly. The insoles come in two sizes and fit both men and women’s shoes. 

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

Physix Gear offers some of the best shock absorption and cushioning insoles on the market that are suitable for both men and women suffering from flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or any other form of foot pain but want to keep running. The insoles are perfect both for work and sports and offer extra support to your feet while enforcing a proper walking form. 

The insoles have semi-rigid arch support and despite being orthotics, they do not need a breaking-in period or adaptation prior to using them regularly. Because of their anti-slip technology, the insoles stay fit in your shoes and keep your feet safe and in position as well. The anti-bacterial surface adds to the comfort you feel. 

Forcare Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Forcare offers special insoles for men and women suffering from plantar fasciitis as well as from other pain-causing conditions such as bunions, overpronation. They offer stable arch support and can fit any type of footwear because of their clean design.

The insoles absorb the shock while you walk, run or hike and make your shoes feel more comfortable. They also help muscles recover from fatigue and reduce the pain while offering stability and support for your entire foot.

The special three-layer design provides comfort, stability and allows the feet to breathe. The middle layer is made of EVA memory foam to perfectly fit your foot and there is a built-in silicone pad for the heel. 

The insoles are offered in three colors and several sizes for a perfect fit. You can switch them between shoes and hand wash them when needed. 

Pedag Viva Sport Semi-Rigid Orthotic for Impact Sports

If you are a basketball lover, no matter if you are a professional player or not, you know that this sport is very demanding to your feet. In case you have flat feet, you need to offer them extra protection from the constant shock and pain of hitting the hard ground. 

The semi-rigid orthotic insole is designed with sports in mind and is very suitable not only for basketball but also for other impact sports. It has five layers for maximum comfort and protection and is made of resilient high-tech materials for more durability. The insole features a metatarsal pad for cushioning the ball of the foot, a high and semi-rigid arch section for flat foot support, and plantar vault support by the heel. The cushioning softens the landing any time your feet touch the playground. 

The insoles come in 16 different sizes and can be hand washed and air dried for maximum comfort. 

 TrendBaron Honeycomb ActivGel Insoles

The new HoneyComb ActivGel Insoles offered by TrendBaron are a revolutionary product that combines five elements to offer maximum support and comfort for your feet. The insoles feature:

  • 6 separate cushion zones
  • Soft, elastic and durable materials
  • Comfortable suede surface
  • High-quality gel silicone
  • New honeycomb design technology

The combination of the above factors guarantees comfort, pain relief, and prevention. The insoles are perfect for everyday use and offer ventilation and air-conditioning to guarantee maximum comfort to your feet. They offer cushioning for your heels, knees, and ankles and prevent you from injuries. You can wear them at work, while working, playing sports or exercising. The ActivGel insoles are made in three sizes to fit any footwear for both men and women, even festive shoes. 

WalkFit Platinum Foot Orthotics

WalkFit takes pain relief to the next level by offering insoles that will alleviate not only foot pain but take care of knee, leg, hip, and backaches. The unique orthotics come with 3 customizable arch inserts – for low, medium, and high arches. You can select the insert that best fits your needs and gives the right support to your arches. There is also a forth reflexology acupressure massage insert to improve your overall health. 

The insoles are made from rubber and thermoplastic which makes them odor-free and completely washable. You can use the insoles with a great variety of shoes including boots, flats, tennis shoes, sneakers.

WalkFit has designed the insoles in 11 sizes to fit both men and women’s shoes. The insoles provide advanced cushioning and shock absorption and the special heel cup adds to the overall stability of your feet. As a result, you feel less pressure in legs, knees, and hips and your back does not suffer from the improper posture of your body. 

Super Feet Unisex Adults’ Green Orthotic Insole

The green unisex orthotic insoles offered by Super Feet are for those who need to stand all day for one reason or another. Their shape and design offer maximum comfort and help relieve foot, arch, and heel pain. The insoles are a perfect fit for higher volume footwear that has removable factory insoles and provide support and cushioning for the feet.

Super Feet have designed insoles that are not only green in color but made of environmentally-friendly materials with a natural anti-bacterial coating that keep your feet odor-free. The insoles help your feet relax and make you feel more stable and comfortable if your job requires you to stand on your feet all day long. 

Powerstep SlimTech 3/4 Length Orthopedic Foot Insoles

In many cases, the full-length insoles are not the best solution for your specific condition and you need some other form of shoe inserts. The ¾-length orthopedic shoe insoles offered by Powerstep are the best solution in case of supination or when your foot fails to roll inward sufficiently and you land too much on the outside of your feet. This condition can cause a great problem for runners and not only.

The ¾-inch insole is a good solution as it offers support for your arch and cushioning for your heel with no discomfort for the toes. It is a semi-rigid insole with a non-slip bottom that can fit a variety of shoes both with or without their original insoles. 

The top layer of the insoles provides antimicrobial protection and reduces heat and friction for higher comfort. You can switch the insole between the pairs and hand-wash them for longer use. 

Jobsite Therapeutic Massaging Gel Work Insoles

Jobsite developed special insoles for those who need to be on their feet all day long as a result of their job. The Therapeutic Massaging Gel Work Insoles reduce pain, soreness, and numbness in the feet. They also help fight sweat and odor and relieve lower body fatigue.

The insoles feature a deep heel and low arch support to provide better cushioning and comfort for your feet. The combination of polyurethane gel and foam offers support and comfort, while the top-level fabric keeps bacteria, moisture, and odors away from your feet.

The insoles are offered in one size and can be trimmed to fit your work shoes. 

 Sof Sole Men’s Athlete Insoles

Sof Sole offers one of the best athlete insoles on the market. They are perfectly designed for men athletes and can be used for running, cross training, walking, and casual activities.

The insoles are made from 100% Implus foam and are suitable for most foot types because of their neutral arch. The additional gel cushioning at the rare and forefoot offers better shock absorption without making the insole bulky.

The insoles can fit casual and athletic men’s footwear and come in five sizes that can be trimmed for a perfect fit. The high-quality material will keep your feet dry and help manage temperature while helping you improve your performance. 

Samurai Orthotic Insoles

If you want to be a samurai in your everyday activities, you can grab a pair of Samurai orthotic insoles. They offer perfect support for flat feet and help realign foot joints. As the insoles are biomechanically designed, they offer premium support and comfort, great shock absorption and relieve daily pressure and pain.

The insoles are quite thin and can easily feet shoes and boots. They can be hand-washed for higher durability. 

As insoles are one of the best solutions for foot, leg, and back pain, it is necessary to select the right for you and enjoy the pleasure of staying active. Look for insoles that combine support and comfort and offer pain and fatigue relief, while massaging your feet and keeping them dry and odor-free. 

We know that life happens outdoors and hence we have selected a range of insoles to keep your feet happy. You can check our selection that features:


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