How to Look Out for Your Skin Before and After a Workout

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written by guest author Jennifer Lomax

You work out to get a better body, but you’re going to need to take the proper precautions while working out to keep your skin looking nice too. Don’t make your skin look worse than it needs to for the sake of a better body. Follow these tips and you’ll have glowing skin before and after a workout in no time.

Before You Work Out

Of course, drink lots of water. Dehydration occurs during workouts because you’re constantly perspiring and quickening your heart rate, so you’ll need to drink plenty of water before you begin exercising to prevent your body from taking water out of your skin, drying it out. Common symptoms of dehydration include feeling fatigued, cramping easier during a workout, and having a higher pulse than usual. If any of that happens to you, stop immediately and drink more water, making sure to drink more before future exercise sessions.The next best thing to do for better skin is to wear breathable clothing. While some restrictive exercise clothes may look nice, they can cause your skin to chafe and trap sweat in your pores. Chafing is never fun and neither is breaking out because your skin got dirty. The right workout clothes give you a better range of motion and provide sweat-wicking abilities, keeping you cool and letting you workout more efficiently. Lastly, if you’re exercising outside, be sure to wear lots of sunscreen to avoid getting sun spots and skin cancer. You’ll also want to apply natural moisturizers to ensure your skin doesn’t lose elasticity.

After You Work Out

Take a shower to get the sweat off you. While in the shower, lightly exfoliate your skin to get any dirt or oil you might have accumulated in your pores out of there. You can use a light bristle brush made from natural ingredients to do so. Next up, wash your exercise clothes after using them, making sure to avoid using the same shirt multiple times. It would be best to do laundry once you’ve used all your exercise clothes, avoiding the temptation to further put off laundry day by reusing clothes that smell okay. There’s still sweat and oil on your clothes that can make you break out, so just bite the bullet and do your laundry.

Workouts Shouldn’t Harm Your Skin

If you take heed of these tips, you’ll have beautiful, soft, healthy skin to match your fit body. As with exercising, don’t cut corners in your skincare and you’ll have much better results.

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