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11 Ways to Cure Your Foot Pain

11 steps to cure your foot pain

There are many reasons and conditions that can cause foot pain – from simply walking too much during your trip to an interesting place to a serious injury as a result of intensive training. Several conditions such as plantar fasciitis or arthritis can also stand behind the chronic pain that you feel in your feet.

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Regardless of the reason for your foot pain, it is necessary to take immediate action and tackle that problem. The health of your feet affects your entire body and your ability to move around and do even simple activities like walking, climbing stairs or doing your work.

How to cure your foot pain?

In many cases, your feet are simply too tired of the hard work they do all day for you. You can relieve their pain with a foot massage and some relaxation. In other cases, however, the condition may be a bit more serious and you need to take more permanent measures like wearing compression socks, special insoles, and even orthotic shoes. There is a great variety of pain-relieving products for feet and legs that you can choose from to get yourself the necessary comfort and overall happiness and freedom of movement. 

First step: Consult a doctor or a physical therapist 

The first step to curing your foot pain is to identify where it comes from. If you have any doubts that you are suffering from arthritis or other chronic condition, the first thing to do is to consult a doctor or a physical therapist.

They can find the source of your foot pain and give you advice on whether you need any specific treatment or what kind of activities and pain-relieving methods or accessories are the best for you. 

Even if it turns out, that your feet are simply sore and swollen due to your job as a nurse or waitress, it is good to know how to treat them. Below, you can find eleven remedies that can reduce or eliminate your foot pain. Usually, they work better if combined but only you can decide which one of them works best for you. 

Change your shoes

One of the main reasons to experience foot pain can be the shoes you wear. Quite often, we wear improper shoes without even realizing it. Some of the reasons your footwear may be causing you pain include:

  • Shoes beyond their lifespan. Shoes should be retired at a certain point even if they still look ok. Your sneakers, for example, are made to last 4-500 miles and do not offer the same support and comfort you need after that point.
  • Wrong style of shoes. Shoes that don’t have proper arch support such as flip-flops can damage your feet. The same goes for high heels, which do not pass your feet and cause a lot of pain after being worn for a prolonged period of time. You should also wear shoes matching your activity, so if you think of exercising, put on your sneakers. 
  • Incorrect shoe size. Our feet can change their size as feet tend to spread over time. Women, who are pregnant or have given birth, quite often need to switch to shoes that are at least one size bigger than their older footwear. So, even if you are a grown-up person, consider trying a larger shoe size as it may turn out that you have been simply wearing smaller shoes that caused discomfort, swelling, and pain as a result. 

It is also good to invest in proper shoes in case you suffer from any form of arthritis. Certain brands like Clarks, Vionic, Ecco are designed to offer both comfort and style in one. They have arch support, thick soles, heel cups, and offer shock absorption to ease your stiff joints and fir your hammertoes or bunions. It is a good idea to look for shoes with rocker soles – thicker soles and a curved heel as they reduce pressure while walking and help prevent pain and discomfort. 

Invest in good insoles

In many cases, we are bound to wear a certain type of shoes due to our profession. In such cases, insoles can be that addition to your footwear that makes a difference. There are different types of insoles to improve your posture and alleviate foot pain giving you back the mobility that you need. 

You can choose between total support orthotic insoles, gel insoles or health control massage insoles depending on the type of support you need for your feet, knees, and legs. 

Lose some weight

The main joints that bear your weight are in your feet. One extra pound on you equals five extra pounds of force that your feet need to take. Respectively, if you lose weight, you reduce the pressure on your feet and thus you reduce discomfort and pain. The extra body weight also increases inflammation and thus you feel your painful symptoms more acute and much longer.

Try losing just 20 pounds and you will relieve your feet from 100 pounds of weight and pressure. This will help you lead a much more active and healthy life as well. 

Aim to be more active

While your feet need some rest after a long day of walking, for example, the truth is that you need to be more active in order to keep the pain and discomfort away. 

You can also use stretching and strengthening exercises to keep the pain away from your feet. Turn them into a daily routine and you will soon sense the great benefits such exercises bring.

To stretch your feet, you need as little as 2-3 minutes. You can focus on your toes or heel but it is even better to start from the toes and up your legs for a more complete result. If you stretch your entire foot this will prevent it from cramps and increase its flexibility. To stretch the toes, you need to flex them, point them and curl them for several seconds. Then you can stand up and try shifting your weight from heels to toes by lifting the front and then the back of your feet off the ground. To get a final long stretch, simply push your feet against a wall.

Walking is the best way to strengthen your feet. You may want to invest in a pedometer or download an app for your phone in order to measure the necessary steps per day. A fun way to strengthen your feet is by picking marbles with your toes or pulling a towel on the floor towards your body while seated to stretch. 

Whatever you choose, it is necessary to prevent a sedentary life and thus your entire body will be thankful. 

Put your feet up

One of the easiest cures for tired feet is to put them up. When you elevate your feet, you prevent them from swelling and assist muscle recovery. While sleeping, it is a good idea to elevate your feet at a 30-degree angle from your head. You can do that by putting a few pillows or a suitable suitcase under your feet at night. 

Get a good foot massage

A good foot massage can be a lifesaver in certain situations. It is recommended to visit a professional at least once a month or even more often. Reflexology therapy is a good idea as well as it will boost your overall health and as a bonus, you will get rid of sore feet. 

It is also a good idea to massage your feet every night before going to sleep. You can use a small ball or a hard, round object and roll your foot over it starting at the top and sides and up to your ankles. This will relieve the muscles that are tight because of walking, running or other activities.

You can also choose to buy a special foot massager or get your own foot reflexology massage mat

Have a warm foot bath

A warm foot bath is not only pleasant but can have a great healing effect for tired and sore feet. It will help you relax and will be beneficial for a series of conditions. If you add some essential oils, you can increase its positive effect. 

The different essential oils can have various effects on you and your feet. Adding peppermint, chamomile or eucalyptus will refresh you, lavender has calming and soothing properties, while tea tree oil is used as antiseptic and anti-fungal means. 

Ice your pain away

Ice therapy is also a great way to reduce foot pain and deal with it completely. While heating is good to fight stiffness, if your pain is caused by an inflammation, then you need cold treatment. You can use a cold pack, ice or even a frozen bag with peas. Just remember to wrap them in a paper towel before applying to the sore foot. 

You can ice the affected area for a period of 5 up to 15 minutes several times a day until the inflammation is completely gone. 

Wear night splints

Depending on the cause of your foot pain, you may be able to get more pain relief and comfort by wearing night splints. They will prevent your feet from moving and in the right position while you sleep so that you awake refreshed in the morning. Night splints are recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Note, that you may feel a bit uncomfortable before you get used to the night splints, so choose one that fits you perfectly. 

Try pain-relieving compression socks

Compression socks are one of the best ways to stimulate blood circulation and prevent your feet from swelling, stiffness, and soreness. There is a great variety of pain-relieving socks on the market that you can choose from so it is worth to make some research and select the best for your condition and given your circumstances. The Pain Relief Foot Compression Socks, for example, are a great way to stabilize your feet and ankles, and feel no more pain and discomfort. 

Compression socks can help you feel better if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, facilitate recovery time after injuries, prevent you from new injuries, and improve your performance no matter if you are an active athlete or simply in case you love or need to move intensely throughout the day. 

Take a pain-relieving medicine or apply a topical cream 

Last but not least, in certain cases, it is a good idea to take a pain-relieving pill or to apply a topical pain-relieving medication. There are several over-the-counter medications that can help you cure inflammations and get rid of the pain. You can use them for several weeks until your feet feel well again. 

Some of the medication that you can rub on your feet to reduce pain may include ingredients like menthol, eucalyptus, and turpentine and can have a cooling effect. 

It is a good idea to combine several of the methods listed above, if you want to cure your foot pain. Remember, that keeping an active and healthy lifestyle will contribute to get better and faster results. Our Life happens outdoors section will present you with a great variety of products that can help you lead the life you want without fear of foot, leg or knee pain.


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